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Au Delà Narcisse

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Back story:
Four years ago I ordered a few Bruno Fazzolari samples, an assortment which included Au Delà Narcisse de Montagnes, a limited edition version of his original 2013 floral chypre Au Delà. This version included narcisse absolute, which he described in an interview with CaFleurBon:
“…it was all about the extraordinary raw material at the heart of this new edition. Narcisse des Montagnes is a star among floral absolutes, a floral that’s both earthy and green—tricky to work with because its more delicate notes are easily overwhelmed. This particular harvest was amazing and I wanted to share the beauty of it…”
Bruno wasn’t kidding when he described narcisse as a star ingredient, and the truth is, it wasn’t just amazing, this narcisse absolue was riveting. Like fireworks, it burst open sparkly and green, juicy with tart bergamot, the nectar of orange blossom, and a spiced-honey jasmine, an accord which developed a sensuous indolic hum in the heart, like a cat purring with anticipated pleasure. The dry-down turned darker, earthy from real oakmoss, then warmed by a salty-skin amber and incense accord, the animalic waft of narcissis absolue floating in and out. It smelled retro, classic, but totally modern.
The scent was perfection from top to bottom, not too sweet or too green, not austere or haughty like vintage chypre, it possessed a fierce warm beauty that I loved.  By the time my two decants ran out and I finally decided to order a bottle, the limited edition was sold out, and I could not forgive myself for ignoring the inner voice that told me to click the BUY button after my first sniff. Stupid!
Fast forward to 2018:
I ordered a bottle of Au Delà Narcisse, which I discovered Bruno had recently added as a permanent scent to his catalogue (read his post here). From the original Au Delà in 2013, to Au Delà Narcisse de Montagnes in 2014, to finally the third version, Au Delà Narcisse in 2017. Is this last version the same, does it live up to my memories of my Narcisse de Montagnes decants?
From the packaging:
…Au Delà  is French for "the beyond," … The scent recalls…a time when fragrance was still bold, adventuresome and complex…Dries down to a smoldering, salty base of oakmoss and resins…big, ravishing, sensuous…”
In Au Delà Narcisse I’ve found a modern floral masterpiece, a piece of olfactory art that makes perfect sense to me. Classic bones, modern style, edgy, powerful, and beyond beautiful.
Notes: Bergamot : Narcisse des Montagnes Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, Oakmoss, Orange Flower Absolute, Amber
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Bruno Fazzolari

Price: $7.00