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Bois Mystérieux - Deep, dark, leathery woods

Bois Mysterieux Eau de Parfum - courtesy

Guerlain describes Bois Mystérieux as a modern interpretation of the concept of exoticism..."bold , unique, audacious..." an eau de parfum that..."only unveils its radiance through its intensity, adorned with touches of cedar patchouli and myrrh...and leather. Dark is the night...a deep night..."

Bois Mystérieux is part of Guerlain's Les Absolus d'Orient collection created by the company's Master Perfumer Thierry Wasser. Les Absolus d'Orient is a relaunch with minor tweaks of a smaller earlier collection which embraced exotic Oriental notes such as oud, saffron, cumin, myrrh and was aimed at the Middle East market. Bois Mystérieux is, in truth, Songe d'un bois d'été, a fragrance from this earlier collection with very minor differences, but with the same compelling beauty and artistic force.

The scent is intoxicating from the very first moments with a huge aromatic accord of neroli and green laurels, fresh and citrusy with a medicinal edge but which soon becomes much drier and spicy into the heart from resinous cedarwood and rich herbal patchouli. The leather note develops, sliding under the cedar and patchouli ,and soft jasmine is almost undetectable but adds a nuance of indolic sweetness to the leather as it deepens into a more animalic leather in the base.  Sweet myrrh changes the leather cedar accord, adding a musky sexiness and intensity to the scent, and an exotic smoky quality emerges from the wood notes which brings Bois Mystérieux into the realm of deep and dark and daring, and unforgettable. 

Bois Mystérieux has a warm exotic sillage that radiates unobtrusively for hours. Easily unisex, it is a chameleon on skin, appealing more to some people than others, but it does require an appreciation of perfume as art in order to wear it with confidence. Like many Oriental and Middle Eastern fragrances, its exoticism can be perceived as too much, but as it slowly dries down Bois Mystérieux becomes silky and softer and more intimate, revealing a sublimely beautiful and sophisticated fragrance with great depth and balance. 

Woods and leather, but so much more. One of the best from Guerlain.

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