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Classic Opoponax – All tied up in knots over it…. - June 8, 2015

Iamge - Wikimedia Commons - French Shibari byt Jérôme Gouvrion, Oct 7, 2007

I have a group of girlfriends who have been meeting regularly for more than a few years. We are a tight, close group who long ago learned to accept and tolerate each other so that we get the best from each other – no judgements, no criticisms and no pettiness.

We always have fun and we always come away grateful for the tight bond we have forged. But apart from the fun and laughter the thing I most value about these times together is what I learn from them – everything from the newest nail colours, to investments to dealing with teenagers.

There we were a few weeks ago sitting around Joan’s cottage when Lisa said, “You know what I’ve been up to lately? Alan and I have been exploring shibari.”

“Oh,” Anne said, “I saw a great recipe for that on the Cooking Channel.”

“Anne,” said Lisa, “shibari isn’t food. It’s a Japanese style of erotic bondage.”

The room went quiet. Lisa is by far the most sexually adventurous one of the group and now she had our full attention. “It involves intricate patterns of knots with very specific kinds of rope. It follows very aesthetic rules about the positions the submissive takes, the placement of the knots, the way the rope is applied....”

My mind began to drift: We really do need a new dryer…I’ve got to send a birthday card to Cindy…wait, what is this gorgeous frag on my wrist? I was totally wrapped up in this frag.

I could hear Lisa winding down. “You guys have got to try shibari. It has really made a difference in our bedroom.”

“You know what has me all tied up in knots?” I piped up. “Classic Opoponax.”

Anne, brightened right up.

“Oh, I’m glad they’re making classic editions of those books. The Oponopax was my kids’ favourite Dr. Seuss character,” she said smiling broadly.

“Actually,” I said, “Classic Opoponax is an EdP from New York-based niche fragrance line Von Eusersdorff.”

“Well, what is opoponax then?” asked Joan.

I had their full attention.

“Opoponax or sweet myrrh, is a gum resin, like myrrh and frankincense and has been used in the making of incense and perfumery since ancient times. In fact, the word opoponax is derived from the ancient Greek for “vegetable juice” because its sweet, warm and balsamic odour is more fragrant than that of bitter myrrh”.

“So, what does Classic Opoponax perfume smell like?” asked Lisa.

“I thought you’d never ask. It opens with warm, dark resins, sweetened with amber that threads through the fragrance. As it warms on the skin, lush rose and indolic jasmine bloom, adding a gorgeous floral aspect that never dominates but pulses through the resins. As it moves to the base, the opoponax seems to glow, as the fragrance is deepened by pungent animalic, castoreum and darkened by sweet, woody patchouli and made all creamy and smooth by vanilla. The drydown, is smooth, deep, rich, warm and sweet. I just love it.”

“Did you bring decants?” asked Anne.

“Sure did,” I said passing them out to the girls.

Lisa put a few drops on her wrist and after a while said, “I wanna buy this frag it’s fabulous!”

“I’m not surprised. It is a stunner,” I said.

“Well, I’m surprised she likes it,” said Joan.

“Why?” asked Anne.

“Cause it’s all gain and no pain,” she replied.

Gotta love your friends.

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