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Cool Water

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Luca Turin gives Cool Water a five-star rating. Created in 1988 by Pierre Boudon, Cool Water was the first of the modern masculine “fresh” scents, really inventing this category, and Luca Turin is right – it’s still the best of the bunch.
What does it smell like? A single spritz on the back of my hand is very 4711-ish in the first moments, a traditional cologne with citrus and lavender, then hints of mint. No doubt about it, this feels fresh, and full of energy! The heart notes begin to roll in bringing the aromatics – green coriander, geranium with its slightly pungent pissy note, white jasmine to sweeten, oakmoss and sandalwood to enrich and warm up the accord.
The fresh feeling maintains, but is transforming into a sensation of perfectly groomed elegance. Over the next half hour or so, the musk and amber basenotes add muscle and heft to Cool Water, but the scent never crosses the line into aggression territory – it smells warm and faintly sexy, with woody notes floating on fresh lavender.
This fragrance brings to mind a crisp expensive perfect white shirt on a good-looking guy – understated, refined, quietly confident and powerful. Fortunately, Davidoff doesn’t seem to have changed the formula over the years, so it still smells exactly as it should – fresh and good. I think every guy should have Cool Water in his fragrance wardrobe, for white-shirt kind of days.
Notes: Mint, lavender, coriander, jasmine, oakmoss, geranium, sandalwood, amber, and musk
Type: EdT
Perfumeur: Pierre Bourdon

Price: $5.00