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Corps et Ames

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Corps et Ames comes out of the bottle already making a statement. Leafy, minty, herbal, pungent and shockingly green, fresh and sparkling, there’s not a doubt in my mind that this PG Scent is going to fulfill its green chypre promise.
In a minute or so, the sharp dry geranium starts to sweeten with its spicy rose facets, and hints of sweet creamy jasmine from the Melati wood and the gorgeous immortelle flower drift in– that burnt hay/caramel, slightly curried note that is so unique. Soon joined by a soft sexy leather note, with a dirty-sweaty edge from oakmoss, the rosy heart develops into a rich, inviting accord that has an exotic heat.
Creamy sandalwood seeps into the heart, infusing the leather and oakmoss with resinous wooded perfection, and creating a lovely calm incense accord that takes us through the long shadowed dry-down. At this point, all the notes relax, weaving in and out with a refined but persistent sillage that plays on the light and dark elements, the body and soul notes that make this scent so truly beautiful.
Corps et Ames also happens to be a chypre that can easily be worn by men, too. For women, it’s a fragrance that “gets your Diva on”  - confident, rich, elegantly chic. For men, it’s pure sophistication – bracing, dark, rich. It’s pre-war Berlin, it’s post-war Paris, it’s New York now, it straddles the classic and modern perfume worlds with ease, and I think could easily make a chypre-lover out of a chypre fence-sitter, if given the task.
Notes: Bourbon geranium, immortelle flowers, Melati wood, leather, sandalwood
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Pierre Guillaume 

Price: $5.00