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Launched in 2010, we haven’t written about this fragrance yet but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a decant of it.

NOTE: once we do write about it, classification and listed notes below may be changed.

Opening with a whiff of Gauloise-like smoke it quickly becomes toasted spices and sweet absinthe before the appearance of the leather.
Neatly straddling the line between biker and Birkin bag, the leather is almost carnal in its depth. In these days of anodyne scents and trans-fat free lives this is a welcome walk on the wild side that would be wonderful on a man. On a woman? Only one way to put it: Cuir is ruthlessly chic.

Listed notes: Cardamom, absinth, leather, cade, resinoid opoponax, "castoreum".

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Mona di Orio

Price: $7.00