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Date with the Easter Bunny - Friday, April 22, 2011

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Gwen and I have a date with the Easter Bunny, so we’re busy shopping, cooking and celebrating this weekend with our families. So no blog today, and no blog next Monday.  

We’ll be back on Wednesday, April 27, but now that you’re here, take a few minutes to nose through our decant listings. It’s Spring – time to treat yourself, or someone you know who loves perfumes, to one of our special Perfumeniche decant sample packs – an easy way to check out several fragrances at one time, at a great price!

Just click on Fragrances -Pages 2 and 3-  to see all the unique sample packs, and check out all pages to view the individual niche fragrances that we offer as decant samples.

Have fun – and come back next Wednesday to see our newest offering!

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring!


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Paris question--and Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, perfumeniche gals and readers! I'm still trying to decide what perfume I'll wear today, and am leaning in a Diorella direction, inspired by your post last week--a lovely blast of spring!

And now on to a question for when you're back at your computers: I know you've both perfume shopped in Paris. If you had to choose 2 must-visit perfume shops in Paris, what would they be?

Must -visit perfume shops in Paris

It's impossible to reduce "Paris must-sees" to only 2 shops!
Gwen's listed some great ones but one of my favourites is Swann Pharmacie on Rue de Castiglione. I don't think the little shop has ever been renovated, so when you enter it, you feel like you've time-travelled back 100 years! It's the only place in Paris to buy the wonderful Knize Ten - at least it was 1 year ago.
Another favourite of mine is the Caron shop on Rue de la Montagne - for the famous fragrances and for the sense of perfume history, but also because the clientele is so fascinating. We were delighted to experience one of the locals - a nonegenarian on her 4th or 5th facelift totter in on her spike heels, swathed in designer duds, with her little toy poodle perched in her Hermès bag, and demand her special order of Parfum Sacre! A face I'll never forget - made my day!
And a must-visit is the Montale store on Place Vendôme to breathe in those wonderful oud scents - no one does ouds like Pierre Montale.
Ah, Paris!

Re: Paris question--and Happy Easter!

Wow - what a tough choice! I mean, Serge Lutens at Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido is a gorgeous shop and so is the Guerlain shop at 68 av des Champs-Elysée - both are must-see shops because they are so beautiful.
And then there is Francis Kurkdjian's fab shop at 5 Rue d'Alger and don't forget Christian Louis in Place de Vosges - oooh, I'm about to fall off my chair just thinking about the possibilities!
Must visit for the most lines has to be Le Bon Marche and Au Printemps.
But, for me, and for the experience of smelling frags that are hard to find anywhere else in the world, I would go with JAR at14 Rue Castiglione and Olivia Giacobetti's IUNX boutique next to the Hotel Costes (if it is still there...rumours of its demise are always floating around). And, if you go don't forget to breathe....