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De Bachmakov


Launched in 2010 by The Different Company, De Bachmakov was created by Céline Ellena to celebrate Thierry de Baschmakoff’s Russian heritage. M. de Baschmakoff is a partner in TDC and a designer who has designed glasses, leather goods and accessories as well as flacons for luxury brands Bulgari and Jaguar among others. Though his background may be Russian, Thierry de Baschmakoff was born in Grasse. While I enjoy many frags from this house, De Bachmakov is my current fave from TDC.

It opens with a cold blast of bergamot and alcohol – like vodka with a twist – so bracing, so Russian. Soon the top notes fade and craie douce, that dry, soft mineral/musky/woody facet appears and stays to provide a backdrop for what comes next, a green, herby, minty note from shiso leaf and a gentle spiciness from coriander leaf – very exotic. But it gets better when freesia and jasmine show up and add a gorgeous floral dimension right at the heart and sets the stage for the base of warm, spicy nutmeg and piney, woody cedar, with that craie douce always playing in the background.

De Bachmakov is starts out cold, angular and while it does get warmer and greener and floral, it never loses its cool. Sounds like a cool Russian designer who was born in Grasse to me.

It is a unique, gorgeous scent that stays close to the skin. A real winner from The Different Company.

Notes: bergamot, aldehydes, shiso leaves, coriander leaves, freesia, jasmine, nutmeg, cedar and craie douce.

Type: parfum.

Parfumeur: Céline Ellena

Price: $6.00