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Diorella is a chypre,and it opens with a tart lemon-zesty blast, sweet but cool at the same time, and then Diorella becomes more green and juicy from the melon and peach, like cool, thirst-quenching, fresh-pressed juice in a frosty glass.

The floral bouquet mixes with the fruit in the heart, and Diorella becomes its distinctive self, creating an accord that is hard to ignore and hard to forget: citrusy but not sharp, fruity but not sweet, green but not sour, floral but not cloying.  It’s young, round and full… and it also has something going on beneath the surface, a note that is somewhat unsettling.

 The base notes pull back the curtain on Diorella’s sunny  facade – revealing a seriously intelligent core with an unconventional vibe. Whatever this mystery note is (I think it's an super-indolic jasmine) it makes Diorella unique, and elevates this fragrance to the realm of art. Roudnitska’s masterpiece is sexy, and smells incredibly natural and real, so that it seems like part of your skin.

 Diorella is a citrus-green-fruity-floral-woody chypre, a scent abstraction that I think is as close to the most perfect perfume as you can get.  The only way I can describe it is to say, “It smells like Diorella”.

Notes: Sicilian lemon, peach, basil, Italian bergamot, melon, green notes, honeysuckle, jasmine, violet, rose bud, carnation, cyclamen, oakmoss, vanilla, clove, sandalwood, vetiver, musk, patchouli .

Type: EdT

Parfumeur: Edmond Roudnitska

Price: $5.00