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Easter weekend, 2014

Photo - Wikipedia - Easter Bunny with Eggs - by Gerbil

We seem to have established an Easter protocol over the past four years. We don't post over the Easter weekend - Good Friday through Easter Monday - because it's a time for family gatherings.

Our families include small grandchildren, big grown children, step-children, siblings, nephews,nieces, and cousins, in-laws, ex-spouses, ...and then there's the assortment of friends, and friends of friends, who inevitably show up at our tables for Easter feasts. It can be very complicated - but it's a lot of fun!

We don't write, but we sniff, mostly food, as we conjure our best and most beloved recipes. Family gatherings focus on food, comfort food, and conversation about food, it seems. As to other scents we'll be sniffing this weekend? Hopefully, we'll be smelling sunshine, soft air, buds bursting, green shoots coming up  - the smell of Spring!  

Esther will be posting about her latest finds on Wednesday, April 23, so check in and find out what's new in the niche world!

Happy Easter!

Gwen and Kay

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