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Eau Dynamisante

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I’m a sucker for outdoorsy citrusy herbal scents, but who isn’t when the air is so hot and thick all you want to do is collapse on a settee, turn on the fan and sip iced tea and mint juleps? I can tell you that wearing Eau Dynamisante from Clarins Cosmetics is like enjoying a cool shower all the way to work. And when you get there, all you have to do is spritz again to repeat the experience. 

Treatment or fragrance, the ingredient/note list is long and includes aloe leaf juice, eleuthero ginseng extract, ginger root extract, panax ginseng extract, devil's claw, horsetail and desert indian wheat, as well as the essential oils but I’m not concerned with the skin benefits, only the smell, ahh, the scent, it’s heaven-scent!

Thirst-quenching citrus bursts out of the bottle – orange and lemon and lemon leaf (petitgrain), the zest, the juice, the pulp all freshly squeezed together, dazzlingly aromatic and citrusy tangy sweet. An herbal accord topped with bold rosemary rises up next that smells fresh and clean like all outdoors, like walking through a garden in early morning, subduing the fruity sweetness and leading into the heart which is a soft swirl of spices and florals, carnation and cardamom. Mixed with the citrus, even the spices and floral notes feel light and airy, but they add some complexity and depth and lead right into the herbal base of patchouli and thyme.

Its a chypre accord of bitter mossy notes, topped with the aromatic citrus, which is now soft and faint, and faceted with the spices. The effect is very vetiver-ish, very calming, and smells as fresh as a dew-dropped garden. Perfectly suited for men and women, the scent wears close to the skin so you’ll offend no one at close quarters even in high humidity because, like a true cologne made from essential oils, Eau Dynamisante is short-lived, which to me is part of its appealing charm.

Go ahead and spray it with abandon several times a day, because this wonderful cologne is found at any Clarins cosmetic counter, it’s always in stock, and a large bottle is not expensive. And there’s more! The essential oils scare away mosquitos – no bites at night when wearing a veil of Eau Dynaministe over bare skin.

Eau Dynaministe is like a subtle pastel version of my two very favourite citrus perfumes, Diorella and Eau Sauvage. It also reminds me of Eau du Sud , although less dry, and Monsiuer Balmain, but less lemony and woody. The perfect balance of citrus and herbs with the floral facets, and then the earthiness at the end is pure bliss, nirvana, a place to go when the real world is just too hot and too much.

Try it. It will make you feel very very good.


Notes: notes of orange, coriander, caraway, amalfi lemon and petitgrain, rosemary, carnation, cardamom, white thyme, patchouli.

Type: EdC

Parfumeur: Jacques Courtin-Clarins

Price: $5.00