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Ensoleille Moi

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Ensoleille Moi was launched in 2006 by French jeweler Andre Gas (yes, that really is his name) as the in-house scent for his Gas Bijoux stores. Andre Gas built his company on the beachy, hippie costume jewellery he used to sell on the beach at St. Tropez in the 60’s. Ensoleille Moi is the smell of the beach.

It opens with bergamot and tiaré (a/k/a Tahitian gardenia) clear and transparent, but as the bergamot fades, the tiaré remains and is joined at the heart by a note of coconut. Together, these two create that familiar scent of sunscreen so prevalent on French beaches. Ylang-ylang bumps up the white floral aspect. As it blooms on the skin, it gets deeper, creamier and lush. At the drydown, vanilla gives it a bit of sweetness, salicylates give it a saltiness and white musk rounds it out.

Ensoleille Moi is the smell of a tropical paradise beach – gorgeous to wear if you crave a little sun.


Notes: bergamot, tiaré, coconut, ylang-ylang vanilla, salicylates and white musk
Type: EDT   
Parfumeur: Matilde Laurent


Price: $5.00