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Launched in 2016 by Astier de Villatte, the French luxury homeware brand, Grand Chalet a scented tribute to an iconic house, the Grand Chalet located in the alpine village called Rossinière - the biggest and oldest chalet in Switzerland and one of the largest inhabited wooden buildings in Europe and its owner the Polish-French modern artist known as Balthus.

The inspiration for the cologne was Balthus’ favourite scent: the smell of ancient linden tree that shaded the garden at Grand Chalet.
Grand Chalet opens with the smell of linden blossoms: tender, lush and honey sweet. Linden tress have been in bloom along my street this past while, and the linden note in Grand Chalet is the most realistic and true I have smelled in a fragrance in a long while. Green notes from leaves and bergamot brighten the linden and gives it a gentle freshness. As it evolves, the linden deepens from the warm sweetness of mimosa while almond-faceted Heliotrope gives it a sumptuous vanilla milkiness. The mimosa and heliotrope bolster the linden rather than overshadow it allowing it to stay right to the base, where its milkiness is supported by rich, woody sandalwood and its sweetness warmed by musk.

The drydown is rich, floral and quite heady for an eau de cologne. The lighter concentration seems to let the fragrance soar, making Grand Chalet one of the most beautiful summer scents for both men and women.

Notes: essence of linden tree, mimosa, green leaves, bergamot, heliotrope, sandalwood, musks.

Type: EdC

Parfumeur: Françoise Caron


Price: $5.00