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The "Guerlain Classic Elegance Pack"

When the Duchesse has an idea, it’s usually a very good one – especially if it involves fragrances. So, when she came up with the idea for a "Guerlain Classic Elegance Pack" I was all in.
The pack includes four eau de parfum 1 ml. decants, chosen for their opulence, quality and womanly presence. These creations are not minimalist—the EDP strength means a full-cast performance, but they need not overpower. Just a single spritz sends you to perfume paradise. And the 1 ml. decants means you can tuck your favourites in your desk, bag, or suitcase.
The "Guerlain Classic Elegance Pack" contains 4 1ml. decants for $20.00 + S+H (regular price $24.00 + plus S&H).
Jicky: Part of Guerlain's Partimoine Collection, Jicky wears its legendary status audaciously. An Oriental Fougère, it presents warm spices lit by a heart of lemon and lavender. Elena Vosnaki, writer of the excellent blog "Perfume Shrine" calls it "a monument, a beacon of taste in a tasteless world."
2. Mitsuko: After the chime of its top notes (bergamot, lemon, mandarine, neroli), Mitsuko's heart of golden peach and jasmine is its beguiling calling card. The original formulation had a dark drydown of powerful oakmoss, now banned; the notes these days drift out via mossy aroma-materials. It was a favourite of Jean Harlow and Ingrid Bergman, and is Guerlain's top seller in Japan.
3. Shalimar: Rich, smooth, sensual: one of the very greatest Orientals. The citrus opening segues to a floral heart while creamy vanilla at the base is warmed by Peru balsam and resinous opoponax creating a dark, rich sweetness that counterbalances the sparkling citrus at the top. Sweetly smoky, resinous, unctuous, long-wearing; it may be indelible in your memory already.
4. L'Heure Bleue: This is Guerlain’s tribute to twilight in Paris, an inviting hour full of promise, the kind that tucks you into a charming corner table for a rendezvous. Described as an "amber floral", it is at once ethereal and striking. It is the lifelong signature of a lovely Parisienne friend, who has seen trends come and go and knows that L'Heure Bleue and a fine cashmere scarf can take her anywhere.
The "Guerlain Classic Elegance Pack" is available in our Decant Store for $20.00.