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Hacivat – Citrusy, warm, woodsy non-gendered perfection

Hacivat 50 ml. bottle, and illustration from packaging

The snow has disappeared finally, and the air smells different. I can smell spring. Time to change up the perfume wardrobe. 

This year I’m celebrating spring’s arrival with Hacivat, an extrait de parfum by Nishane. Nishane is the luxury niche brand based in Istanbul, Turkey, which was started by Murat Kutran and Mert Guzel in 2012.  I’ve written about the hauntingly beautiful ANI, from their 2019 No Boundaries collection, regarded by perfume insiders as one of the top releases for that year. Hacivat is from the Shadow Play Trilogy collection from 2017, and it’s another non-gendered perfection from this house, as beautiful on women as it is on men.

From the Nishane website:

Hacivat…”Is a tribute to elegance, kindness, competence, and love of art. Inspired by the traditional shadow play character, [Hacivat, artist and gentleman] this eau chypre will help you live in your best dreams”…with its…”joyful structure made of the stimulating notes of pineapple and bergamot backed with the genuine woody notes”...

It’s the pineapple note that got the perfume world in a lather when Hacivat was released, drawing immediate comparisons with Creed’s Aventus, a men’s chypre which also features pineapple and bergamot in the top notes, but the two are quite different. Hacivat is lighter and more natural-smelling, much more contemporary in the way it wears on skin, with its mesmerizing but elusive waft. Expect compliments when wearing Hacivat!

Two spritzes, one at my neck, one shared on wrists, and I’m ready…the opening citrus notes of limey bergamot and tart grapefruit blend smoothly with fresh-cut pineapple, creating a sunny accord. It all smells so natural, and as the scent deepens, it sweetens becoming slightly more fruity with what I think at first is blackcurrent, but then later realize is actually cedar. 

How do I know this? Earlier today I was in the back yard to assess the state of the garden, and randomly plucked a piece from the cedar hedge, rolling it hard between my fingers and bringing it to my nose for a big inhale of delicious aromatic evergreen resin. I was knocked back on my heels by a scent that took me to another time, to my ten year-old self in the woods behind our house, with my friends, hunting for wild blackberries. It was a fruity spicy forest-sweet smell, evergreen and fresh, so different from the sharp terpenes of pine or spruce. Pure cedar is a gorgeous perfumey smell all on its own!  

As the opening slowly moves into the heart, white jasmine adds a creamy floral shimmer to the pineapple accord, the cedar note deepens, and just the perfect amount of patchouli adds an earthy richness. The pineapple note segues into a woody accord in the base where it still flickers in the background, and the dry-down slowly unfolds soft woody notes, creamy and powdery, balanced to perfection by the bitter green of oak moss. 

Hacivat exudes sophistication and confidence, but at the same time wears lightly on the skin, is understated but smells deliciously complex. The scent smells so natural and unforced, one application lasts all day and the sillage is exceptional. The waft is not strong or over-powering, but it is elusive, and so magnetic, so unusually beautiful that it gets noticed and remarked on by so many people whenever I wear it.  

Perfumer Jorge Lee perfectly captured the luminous warmth and elegance behind the character of Hacivat, which Murat Kutran and Mert Guzel envisioned for this special scent in their trilogy. They believe that perfume like all art, has a universal message that crosses and breaks down all boundaries, and this has proven to be true for their brand as the Nishane  extraits de parfum are fragrances which now sell around the world,  and Hacivat is considered to be one of their best.

For me, Hacivat is like my cashmere wrap – light, warm, elegant, and always such a beautiful experience to wear. 

Hacivat is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $7.00 for 1 ml.

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