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Imagine celebrating New Year's Eve dressed as a Viking, carrying a lighted torch, shouting and singing at the top of your voice in Gaelic. That's what happens all over Scotland as the Scots celebrate Hogmanay, or New Year's, and invoke their Viking traditions in  "Up Helly Aa" torchlight processions.

I don't know exactly what happens after the Viking processions end, but I'm told that it involves some drinking of excellent local whiskies and beers as well as a lot of dancing and singing into the wee hours as parties gather momentum in the pubs. The New Year is noisily and resoundingly welcomed in Scotland.

We celebrated the arrival of 2019 with somewhat less fiery celebrations but with the same welcoming spirit, and we want to extend our wishes to you and your families for a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. 

We're taking a holiday break with our families until the week of January 7th. Please check back and see how we start New Year 2019 in the Niche. We're all fired up so there will be lots to talk about!

NOTE: Our Decant Store is always open and ready to take your orders.

Image - "Up Helly Aa " - traditional Viking New Year's torchlight parade in Edinburgh, Scotland by D. Smith, Wikimedia Commons