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How You Love – Tender, pure, and soulful – February 12, 2016

Image - How You Love bottle -

I’ve made a habit of reading newspapers from other big cities, like the New York Times, and the Montreal Gazette, because I know I’ll invariably find something of interest that would never find its way into our local rag, the Toronto Star. In fact, it’s how I found out about Jazmin Sarai, a small artisanal brand based in Montreal – “Montreal perfumer turns music into scent – Dec, 14, 2015.

Hmm, music and scent…two passions. I couldn’t stop my self. I found the reviews, I read the blogs, I went to the website, I bought the perfume. Dana El Masri is twenty-eight years old, the founder and sole creative force behind Jazmin Sarai, and I think she’s on to something.

Dana’s love of music and response to scent, always a powerful synesthetic experience for her, led to studying perfumery at the Grasse Institute in France, so it followed that her debut scents in 2014 were called Playlist. Each of the four scents were inspired by one of her favourite tunes. The name Jazmin Saraiembodies the union between the queen of white flowers, Jasmine, and the king of musical genres, Jazz wafting through the inner walls of a Saraï, an oriental palace.”

Sade’s “It’s Only Love That Gets You Through” from 2000 was reimagined in How You Love, a fragrance tuned to the tender lyrics and range of Sade’s contemporary jazz voice. Starting with a light soothing swirl of green cardamom and sun-warmed grapefruit, How You Love soon leads into an harmonious accord of velvety rose-jasmine florals, understated and beautifully framed by the herbal sweet citrus.

Basenotes in the drydown are a soulful blend of musk and creamy sandalwood, sensually sweetened with ambered honey and earthy beeswax. How You Love is tender, soothing, loving, an uncomplicated fragrance with a subdued waft, but as I catch bits of it throughout the day Sade’s voice comes into the moment, as pure and authentic, as real and as beautiful as How You Love.

Dana is definitely on to something. Music and scent are indeed a powerful synesthetic duo which can trigger emotions or memories, bring us into the moment, connecting us to our real selves, and others. I can’t wait to hear more of Dana El Masri’s inspired fragrances.

Otis and Me is next on my playlist.

How You Love is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.