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"I'll Have what He's Having" Pack

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3 1 ml. decants of sexy skin-scents for guys - $11.00 + SHIPPING


Dirty English

Inspired by a Sex Pistols concert, created with notes of spruce, woods, amber , leather, and musk, Dirty English from Juicy Couture is deep dark and delicious, It smells funky, not dirty, but it sure makes you think that way.

Fougère Bengale

With notes of leather, lavender, tobacco, spices, and hay, Fougère Bengale from Parfum d"Empire is a deep, rich, sexy scent. Wear it on the hunt, or wear it just in case you might be on the hunt....

The Third Man

Inspired by the famous film noir by Orson Welles, The Third Man or Le 3me Homme , from Caron is filled with sophisticated sparkle at the top, moves into a funky spiced carnal heart , then finishes with tonka, vanilla, and musk, an accord with a magnetic pull like bees to honey, which makes The Third Man dry down into an insanely delicious sexy skin-scent.




Price: $11.00