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Indigo – Crisp modern amber to love

"Indigo" by Baruti - 30 ml. Extrait de Parfum

When I discover a truly special fragrance that grabs my heart, it’s often from a small independent perfume company which has a fascinating back story attached to it. Usually, the story involves a creative and highly motivated owner/perfumer whose overwhelming passion for scents triggers a career change, inspiring them to take a deep dive into the science and business of perfumery so they can create their own highly personal fragrances. 

Such is the case with Baruti Perfumes, the Amsterdam-based artisanal niche brand started by former neuro-scientist, Spyros Drosopoulos. BARUTI means “gunpowder” in Greek, a word often used as an adjective to describe something that has an edge or a bite:

“…the mission is to create audacious fragrances that combine novelty with wearability. Each fragrance is a mini – explosion, designed to trigger your imagination and take you on a fascinating scent journey... “  

“… I make personal and immediate perfumes. Deceptively playful, rooted in the unconscious, perplexing the senses, like kaleidoscopic explosions of beauty. They can blow you away." Spyros Drosopoulos

Yup, he’s absolutely right! I sampled all nine Baruti fragrances, and was blown away. Each one is a mini-explosion of olfactory delight! I bought Onder de Linde after one sniff – read about it here. It’s the scent of the linden tree in full bloom, with a magical almost animalic warmth that’s irresistible, full of the promise of early summer. Next on my list was Indigo. What is that perplexing spicy grassy balsamic note I can’t name but smells so tantalizing?

Baruti describes Indigo as a crisp modern amber, a spiritual cleanse for the senses. The parfum extrait is formulated with the rarely used mastic (lentisque) note, a resin used in medicines and balms to promote relaxation and calmness, a sense of well-being. The highly prized and very expensive Greek mastic, which is harvested on the island of Chios, is recognized for its very distinctive and unique “salty-sweet-cool” note, which gives Indigo its unique cleansing “bite”.

Indigo opens with a spicy rose, fresh with hints of leaves and thorny stems, layered with the tender airy notes of sweet hyacinth. Creamy sandalwood adds a dusty richness to the floral accord, and as it dries into the heart, mastic adds a fresh salty facet to the rose, like sniffing a rose bloom in a seaside garden, or rose oil on salty skin. As Indigo dries through the heart into the base, an amber warmth develops, amplified by the addition of frankincense and notes of sweet cedarwood, so the effect is more aromatic with a slight metallic edge. The mastic note becomes less salty and more balsamic and herbaceous in the late dry-down, adding a cool tranquility to the amber and incense accord, transforming Indigo into the perfect amber scent for a summer day. Indigo feels like Zen in a bottle.

If you like exploring rare and unusual fragrance notes, if you like a scent that triggers your imagination and takes you on a scent journey, then you should explore Spyros Drosopoulos’ Indigo. I bet you’ve never smelled a fragrance quite like it.

Indigo is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $8.00 for 1 ml.