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I’ve worn Jicky, in all its concentrations, for as long as I can remember, but it's the Eau de Parfum I wear most often. I like the sumptuousness, the depth and the presence of the EdP. Here's why…
Jicky EdP opens with a rush of lavender. To my nose it's 'true lavender', lavandula angustifolia, fragrant, fresh and camphorous. A burst of citrus fruits joins the lavender: tart, nose-tingling bergamot, orange-faceted neroli and notes of succulent orange and vibrant lemon, which add a sharpness to the lavender. Verbena, lemon-tinged and green faceted, bridges the lavender to herbaceous, camphorous rosemary and cool, refreshing mint. Then I catch a whiff of civet. At this stage it adds a gentle warmth and muskiness to the mix. As it develops, the smell of sweet, fresh hay emerges from coumarin and is soon joined by a floral bouquet of rose, geranium, tuberose and jasmine. There is a spiciness here, likely from the geranium; apart from that, the flowers aren't distinct notes; instead, they give the impression of a floral scented breeze wafting through a garden. The civet gets more pronounced now, smelling like warm sexy skin; it slithers through the juice like a snake through the garden. At this stage, a woodiness comes forward from creamy, spicy sandalwood and balsamy cedarwood. The woodiness is extended to the base with patchouli and vetiver while Tonka bean echoes the coumarin as vanilla adds a creamy sweetness. Sweet, warm opoponax blends with the remains of the citrus, herbs and flowers and gives the EdP a lingering sensuality.
Every time I wear Jicky EdP, I marvel at its beauty. The drydown is elegant and timeless, and for hours, that triumvirate of lavender, coumarin and vanilla waft up to my nose and reminds me that wearing it makes any day memorable.
Notes:  Lavender, bergamot, neroli, verbena, lemon, orange, rosemary, geranium, mint, absinthe, tuberose, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, civet, orris, tonka bean, vanilla.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Aimé Guerlain

Price: $6.00