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Kashnoir – Balsamic and indolic and addictive – November 19, 2017

Kashnoir - Laboratorio

For such a young perfumer, Cécile Zarokian has signed off on a formidable number of fragrances for small luxury niche brands, brands which have allowed her the creative freedom to develop her special talent of creating modern scents in a traditional style. Some of her fragrances are Epic Woman for Amouage, Nuit Andalouse for MDCI Perfumes, Mon Nom est Rouge for Majda Bekkali, Private Label for Jovoy, Tango for  Masque Milano, Kashnoir and Patchouliful for Laboratorio Olfattivo, Green Water for Jacques Fath, Sheiduna for PureDistance, and the list continues to grow.

Every one of Cécile Zarokian’s creations, at least the ones that I’ve sampled, has what I can only describe as a lush hedonistic feeling that is incredibly addictive. Her fragrances feel alive! And each one tells a unique story that evolves slowly as her richly layered accords unfold to smoulder on warm skin. Tango, for example, is a big sexy scent, a steamy sensuous heady mix that transports you into that famous dance from beginning to end - the time, the place, the heat, the movement, to the ultimate passion of the tango.

Kashnoir is a story about seduction, the seductive power of an innocent white blossom with an indolic heart which can induce a psychedelic olfactory trip with just a single sniff.

Kashnoir comes out of the bottle bright and vibrant, a big splash of fresh lemon mixed with aromatic lavender and sweet orange blossom. This feels exciting but also pure and innocent, but it soon begins to change as the lavender darkens and a green herbal coriander note adds some rough edges. Orange blossom begins its seduction, opening up in the heart with a plush velvety sweetness layered with the resinous dark beauty of red rose. It is a passionate accord, wrapped in an invisible veil of musky indoles that slows down thinking and gives free rein to the imagination. The base is a deliciously sultry mix of the orange blossom with patchouli, benzoin, milky-almond heliotrope and dark vanilla. Kashnoir is now in carnal territory.

Citrusy, herbal, powdery, sensual from white flower indoles, rich with balsamic notes and vanilla, with lovely sillage and great longevity, Cécile Zarokian’s Kashnoir has the voluptuous power of Guerlain’s Shalimar, but with the addition of a very modern sensibility.

More vibrant, less opulent, softer than Guerlain’s classic, Kashnoir is exactly as described on the Laboratorio Olfattivo webpage: “More than a fragrance, Kashnoir is a softly lethal drug, that obscures reason and stuns the senses.”

I’m addicted, in the best possible way.

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