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L’Eau à la Folie

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Launched in 2012, is the third in a series, joining L'Eau à la Folie joins L'Eau Chic, Eau Mixte.

It was created by Patricia de Nicolaï, great-grand-daughter of Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain and the niece of Jean-Jacques Guerlain, and a talented perfumer in her own right and has her own house Parfums de Nicolaï.

L'Eau à la Folie has a zesty citrus orange/lime opening, made soft with a note of mango, which leads to a juicy, luscious peach accord. Wow! The experience of a ripe late summer fruit in early summer. The peach is sweet and ripe and as it settles in, a fresh cool note of mint appears and balances it perfectly. Is this the reference to the Andalusian Mojito I’ve heard about? Dunno. I’ve never had an Andalusian Mojito. Cool mint is gently warmed by spicy ginger seeds, leading the way to a floral heart of elegant rose and exotic jasmine. A whiff of camphourous juniper gives it a lift as it rests on a smooth woody base. The drydown is light and summery - floral/peachy bliss!

L'Eau à la Folie is a refined and elegant expression of summer – no harsh notes, no sharpness – a light summer fragrance. It doesn’t make my pulse quicken, it makes it slow down. The jangly, busy-ness stops and what replaces it is pleasure.

This is just the fragrance for drifting through summer. I bet you’ll love it!

Notes: orange, lime, mango, peach, ginger seed, mint, rose, jasmine, juniper and wood.

Type: EdT

Parfumeur: Patricia de Nicolaï


Price: $5.00