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L’Eau à la Folie – I bet you’ll love it too – June 11, 2012 New Fragrance Listing

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These early summer days are my bliss – soft warm days, gentle nights that are perfect for sleeping. I wallow in them. Soon though, there will be unrelenting summer heat that will make outdoor excursions sweaty and unpleasant and leave most people short-tempered and frazzled.

For the sweltering summer days I want something gutsy - something that will stand up to body heat and perspiration. But what I want now is something that suits these tender days of early summer. And, I found it in L'Eau à la Folie by Parfums de Nicolaï

Writing on Basenotes, Lila Das Gupta quotes Patricia de Nicolaï talking about L'Eau à la Folie. “The title comes from a French expression” explains Ms Nicolai, “we say ‘Je t’aime a la folie’, which is the highest form of love you can have, a sort of ‘I love you even if it’s folly’. It’s really for the summer - I like to wear light things for the summer and wear different things for winter.”

Sounds like a perfect scent for right now, before the dog days of summer take the fun out of it all. Besides, I trust Mme. de Nicolaï.

The great-grand-daughter of Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain and the niece of Jean-Jacques Guerlain, she has perfume coursing through her veins and perfumery talent embedded in her genes. And while it seems that success in a male – dominated industry may have been her birthright, PdN deserves props for the scents she has developed under her own brand, "NICOLAÏ, créateur de parfum" A/K/A Parfums de Nicolaï. Sceptical? Want real proof of her genius? Try New York, or Odalisque or Violette in Love, Cédrat Intense, Maharanih …. Go ahead, go get your bottles or decants – I’ll wait.

Now, take a whiff. Smell what I mean? What you experience is what prompted Luca Turin to say "Patricia de Nicolaï, owner and perfumer, is one of the unsung greats of the fragrance world.”

So when I heard the soft thud of a new PdN frag hitting store shelves, I just blind bought it. Yep. Me. I just did it – because, for me, there is no risk in blind-buying a PdN frag. None. And, if it had been a gamble, I would have said that the gamble had paid off cause this is one fab frag that I’ll be wearing a lot this summer. But it wasn’t a gamble. It was a sure thing. The only gamble was how much I would love it. The answer: a lot.

It has a zesty citrus orange/lime opening, made soft with a note of mango, which leads to a juicy, luscious peach accord. Wow! The experience of a ripe late summer fruit in early summer. See, that’s what I’m talking about – the experience of summer without the nasty bits. The peach is sweet and ripe and as it settles in, a fresh note of mint appears and balances it perfectly. Is this the reference to the Andalusian Mojito I’ve heard about? Dunno, I’ve never had an Andalusian Mojito, but if that’s what I’m smellin’, then I predict I’m gonna be muddlin’ through the heat of summer. Cool mint is gently warmed by spicy ginger seeds, leading the way to a floral heart of elegant rose and exotic jasmine. A whiff of camphourous juniper gives it a lift as it rests on a smooth woody base. The drydown is light and summery - floral/peachy bliss!

L'Eau à la Folie is a refined and elegant expression of summer – no harsh notes, no sharpness – a light summer fragrance. It doesn’t make my pulse quicken, it makes it slow down. The jangly, busy-ness stops and what replaces it is pleasure.

This is just the fragrance for drifting through summer. I bet you’ll love it!

Today, we’re adding L'Eau à la Folie to our decant listing. Decants are $5.00.