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Lemon – Wish you were here – April 12, 2013 New Fragrance Listing


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Birds are chirping noisily, busy as only birds can be on a beautiful day. I sit on the charming small balcony, enjoying my coffee, and the scent of the lemon trees waft on the morning air. It’s a magical time of day in the Sicilian countryside, and it’s heaven to be here, far away from the cold drabness of home. As I write postcards home – “Having a great time, wish you were here…” - I muse on how lucky I am to be surrounded by such beauty, especially the scents of my favourite place in the world, Italy….

And then I return to the real world. My brief trip to Sicily is just a flash across my internal screen, perhaps a snippet from an old movie I’ve watched recently, but obviously triggered by the spritz I’ve just taken from the new perfume on my desk, Lemon by Mary Greenwell.

Lemon bursts open with bright yellow fireworks, an intense fresh accord that goes way beyond smelling just great. It smells like the freshest just-squeezed juice from the sweetest, plumpest, biggest, most perfect lemons just picked off the tree, amped up by mounds of brilliant yellow lemon zest. And then other familiar citrus notes join this explosion of scent – lime, bergamot, mandarin and bitter orange. Is it sweet? No. Is it sharp? No. Is it fresh? Yes! It’s divine!

This intense citrus accord lasts for about the first half hour, never veering toward Lemon Pledge or foamy sherbet, and just when I think it’s going to fall away, becoming a faint memory as citrus top notes usually do, it gathers steam and goes green and floral as it moves into the heart. Clary sage, narcissus, lily of the valley (muguet), hyacinth and jasmine keep Lemon sparkling, and the mix of citrus with white flowers is intoxicating. It smells like the best sunny day you can imagine.

Into the drydown, Lemon moves from sun-warmed lemon groves into the Italian countryside scorched by the heat of the afternoon - dusty woods, powdery dried herbs, stone buildings bathed in hot sun – and the citrus subsides, replaced with the sensation of languid warmth. Precious woods, oakmoss, tonka and amber in the base transform Lemon into the scent of an aromatic oasis in the shade, and the smell of the best sunny day becomes the scent of a holiday to remember.

Lemon is the second scent from Mary Greenwell, the influential British makeup artist who is known for creating make-up styles tuned to the new catwalk trends. Plum, a full-bodied dazzling chypre, was her first scent in 2011, and now we have Lemon, with its luscious yellow-green start and lovely herbal finish. Both scents were created by perfumer, Francois Robert. Plum is definitely aimed at women, but Lemon will easily be loved by anyone who loves citrus notes, and even by some who think they don't. “This is not a simple lemon... but a medley of intoxicating loveliness” says Mary on her website. And there's a bonus - she's launched a citrus scent which has bona fide tenacity, a real achievement. 

Mary has a love of colour, style, and scent, all of which she’s captured in her fragrances. Her love of colour is reflected in Lemon's saturated- yellow perfume box, detailed with a vivid green stripe near the base, and her love of style in the heavy glass bottle with its big round gold-plated stopper.
One spritz of Mary’s love of scent took me to Sicily. I'm looking forward to where a whole bottle can take me.


Lemon by Mary Greenwell is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.