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Liaisons Dangereuses - SOLD OUT

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Kilian describes Liaisons Dangereuses as being inspired by …”the Damascus Plum, a delicate fruit with a smooth note…” It opens lush and fresh with roses blooming in the garden, bathed in warm sunlight, their green-leafed aroma mixed with the heady scents of tart blackcurrants, young peaches, and velvety purple plums. This is a deliciously exotic fruit accord, sweet but not saccharine, made smooth, rich, and slightly alcoholic with the addition of freshly cracked coconut, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a drop of geranium oil as it moves into the heart. Fruits splashed with sparkling wine.
Through the heart, the floral rose note floats on the jammy fruit accord, still fresh and dewy, with an aura of green from vetiver, as the magical dry-down in this garden progresses.  As the light fades, the fruit accord softens and begins to trail off, and the rose slowly goes to sleep, wrapped in blankets of creamy sandalwood trimmed with dark vanilla, resting on a bed of musks and oakmoss. The faintest wafts of spiced rose and fine sueded leather remain the next morning.
The beauty of Liaisons Dangereuses is the blended perfection of the rose note with the fruits, balanced with the almost savoury notes of coconut, geranium, and vetiver. An unexpected liaison of disparate notes results in a transcendently gorgeous fragrance - sweet,  exotic, and lush, but also pure and playful.
Notes: Coconut flesh, prune absolute, plum, blackcurrant buds absolute, crystallized peach, cinnamon bark oil, ambrette seeds absolute, rose Damascus, geranium bourbon, Australian sandalwood oil, oakmoss extract, vetiver java oil, clear woods, vanilla extract, white musks
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Calice Becker

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