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"Limited Edition" Decant Pack

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Limited Edition Decant Pack – Four Limited Edition fragrances for $14.00 + Shipping and Handling, Regular price $17.00.

Jour De Fête  -L’Artisan Parfumeur – 2014
First launched in 2003, Jour de Fête 2014 is built around just three notes - almond, wheat and vanilla, and displays Olivia Giacobetti’s talent for creating sheer, delicate transparent fragrances. The fragrance is ethereal, not light, so that at times it feels as though it has disappeared, but it’s still there, a tender reminder of sweet memories and a harbinger of celebrations to come, that’s just right for spring and summer.
Terracotta Le Parfum – Guerlain - 2014
The coconut and tiare are a nod to suntan lotions for sure, but have been elevated to such an elegance, they make Terracotta Le Parfum much more than a beach scent. It’s a sophisticated and chic summer scent. It smells indolic and fleshy with floral hints poking through – I just love that! Just for the record, Terracotta Le Parfum is not a parfum, it’s an eau de Toilette...A glorious summer scent.
Cote d’Amour – L’Artisan Parfumeur - 2009
I came close to tears the first time I gave this a sniff because it totally captures the smell of my seashores – the cool-salty-water green-algae dry-rocks-sand-mineral herbal-brown-kelp-driftwood sand-dune-vegetal-grassy-floral tidal-pool coastal smell that is hard-wired in my brain. It’s just gorgeous!
Outside – CB I Hate Perfume  - 2013
Outside is unusual –It smells wonderful and it's also a really effective mosquito repellant. Christopher Brosius made this for himself, then his friends demanded he make it available to everyone. The soft herbal scent, which has a nice contained sillage and is void of any floral sweetness, really does last for several hours, and so does the bug protection. No swarms, no bites for the two hours I was outside on the deck this past evening.

Price: $14.00