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Moss Gown

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The scent was inspired by a story that the perfumer read to her daughter, called The Moss Gown. “Like the pages of a book, Moss Gown perfume unfolds in a unique manner that tells a story on the skin.” Moss Gown does unfold like a story, and the scent story is fascinating.
The scent opens green, green – green, warm and steamy – I can smell the bayou. By using unusual notes in the opening, like sunflower which has green watery aspects, mixed with musty herbal chamomile and resinous cedar, there’s a real sensation of green, damp heaviness.
The story gets more intriguing in the heart. Charna uses boronia, an unusual floral with a “ripe”nuance – used in Diorissimo and Folavril by Annick Goutal – paired with spicy rose and narcotic narcissus. This accord sits on top of the green moss, and seems dark, rich, almost menacing. Soft lilac and green violet notes float above these intense florals, adding warmth and lightness to the green mossiness and the rich floral mix.
The steaminess of the bayou is changing, the swirling mist is lifting. I can’t put this scent story down…. The intensity of the green moss-scape changes with the base-notes. Cedar-moss brings the moss gown onto dry land, and lets it float in the breezes, and soft creamy sandalwood tames the slightly bitter resins from the white cedar extract at the end.
Moss Gown ends with the feel of dark velvet warmed by the sun, with scattered leaves of mossy herbs drying in the folds of the luxurious scented fabric. Moss Gown is far beyond the standard perfume stereotype, and is perfectly suited for the sensibilities of perfumistas and vintage-lovers. It's exceptional.
Notes: sunflower essence, mimosa, chamomile, boronia, rose, coffee flower, narcissus, lilac, violet leaf, cedar moss, sandalwood and white cedar.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Chanra Ethier

Price: $7.00