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Narciso Rodriguez For Her EdT – Simple sexy elegance

The year was 2003, and a new door opened into the world of contemporary perfume with the launch of Narciso Rodriguez For Her EdT. An unapologetic floral with an elegance that defies description, Narciso Rodriguez For Her EdT is the chypre reinvented for modern tastes, less green and dry, much warmer and more sensual, more a woody floral than a chypre but with the same radiance as the classic “mossy woods” from the decades before. With its rich musky waft, Narciso Rodriguez For Her EdT was aimed at a newer, younger, more urban and affluent perfume consumer who probably didn’t even know she was seeking chic elegance, but who instantly “got it” and identified NRFH as a modern classic. Timing is everything.

Narciso Rodriguez was a young unknown Cuban-American designer working for the Cerruti label in Paris when Carolyn Bessette asked him to design the bridal dress for her 1996 wedding to John F. Kennedy Jr. The simple bias-cut silk sheath set a new standard for elegant bridal wear, and started Rodriguez on the road to success with his own design label, which has  since become identified by his understated graceful silhouettes. Michelle Obama was memorable in his unusual red and black ombre-shaded sheath dress at the Democrat convention in 2008 when her husband accepted the nomination.

Narciso Rodriguez personally loves the refined sensuality of the musk note, so Christine Nagel and Francis Kurkdjian created NRFH with musk at its core. In the top it is paired with sweet citrus notes, osmanthus, and rich amber, making it immediately sensual. The floral heart of orange blossom emerges with a radiant honeyed aspect as the musk becomes seductive, and leads into the long dry-down, slightly boozy with vanilla, warmed with more amber, sharpened with vetiver, then winding down with a powdery woods and soft musk accord that melts into the skin.

NRFH develops seamlessly throughout, the individual notes never dominate but instead convey a divinely blended, rich, seductive, elegant, soft intimate waft which lasts for hours at a brilliantly controlled level. This is an excellent quality fragrance, only a couple of spritzes are needed for 8-10 hours wear.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her EdT is about simplicity and elegance, right down to the bottle and the packaging. The EdT is in a clear glass bottle coated with black on the inside, with a black cap, and pink lettering. The packaging is a soft pastel pink colour with black lettering.

And just so you know, Narciso Rodriguez For Her EdP, which was launched in 2006, smells slightly different, a sweeter, softer, and more floral scent with rose and patchouli instead of orange blossom and amber. Its packaging is the exact reverse – a pink glass bottle and cap with black lettering, in black packaging. Several other iterations have been launched up to the present, all which can be purchased from luxury mainstream perfume counters in department stores and boutiques, as well as online.

Of all of them, the one I love the best is the original Narciso Rodriguez For Her EdT because it’s the most fascinating. Feminine flowers and musky skin scents layered over masculine woods and grass and musky skin scents. A beautiful depth yet a sensation of transparency. Chic and sensual and subtle. Not sex in a bottle. Narciso Rodriguez For Her is the promise of sex in a bottle.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her EdT is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.