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Noir de Réminiscence – Woody and balsamic and resinous – February 1, 2016

I have a single girlfriend who has made it very clear to all her friends that she would like to meet the right man. One afternoon, when I dropped round her place to return a book I had borrowed, I noticed a sports station playing on the radio in the background as we chatted.

“Since when did you start following hockey?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t give a fig about hockey. But I figured that if I want to meet a guy, I should learn more about what they talk about, what interests them, and how they think so I have sports radio on while I’m doing things around the house.”

I thought it was an interesting idea, so I began to play around with it when researching fragrances. Sure, there are lots of blogs and articles from women’s magazines online telling women what men like, but what about a male point of view?

That’s how I discovered Noir de Réminiscence by Réminiscence, the French costume jewelry and fragrance line, founded by Zoe Coste and Nino Amaddeo in 1970 in Juan-les-Pins.

In an online article titled “8 Men’s Fragrances That Draw In Compliments Without Fail” I saw this: “I guarantee that no one within 50 miles of you is wearing this. This is a niche fragrance that delivers a masculine, woody scent that’s sure to remind you of incense and herbal medicine. It’s the unique scent that’s sure to draw people in. Curiosity will be aroused. Wear this on a night out.”

You know what? After smelling and trying Noir de Réminiscence, I have to say, this Dude is absolutely right.

First, Réminiscence fragrances are difficult to get hold of – they are only available at Reminiscence stores and through their website – so, yeah, the 50 miles guarantee probably holds. As does the promise to deliver a masculine, woody scent.

Noir de Réminiscence opens with bergamot, sharp, citrusy and bitter, before a camphourous note of eucalyptus comes forward bolstered an aromatic, medicinal elemi. The combination is heady, indolic and gorgeously compelling! The green aspect of the eucalyptus is heightened by bitter, herbal galbanum and spicy, green coriander. A note of lemon gives it a welcome brightness. The opening is a totally unique texture that is aromatic, fresh and resinous. As it blooms, a lush, sensuous rose note appears alongside a note of earthy, powdery violet. Then there are the woods – cedarwood and fragrant, aromatic Marrakech wood. The camphour is muted but still present so that the heart is floral, woody and balsamy. This is carried over to a resinous-rich base of ambery labdanum, and sweet, rich oppoponax and balsamy, woody frankincense. Vanilla and sandalwood give it a sensual smoothness.

The drydown of this men’s fragrance is exactly the kind I like: quietly powerful, confident and compelling without swagger or arrogance
The next time I saw my friend, she reported that she was dating a political consultant. She sounded happy and I was happy for her.

“So, did listening to sport radio help you land this guy?” I asked.

“Nope,” she said, “I started watching Parliament TV. Some of those guys were just what I was looking for.”

“Well, I took a page from your book and started reading about what men say about fragrances for them and I found just what I was looking for too,” and I told her about how fab Noir de Reminiscence was.

“Thanks for the insider recommendation. Sounds like something I’d like my new man to wear, but only when we’re together. I don’t want anyone to poach him.”

“Have you considered that maybe you should be wearing a fragrance that gives him the same cause for concern?” I let that sink in before adding, “Why don’t you drop by my place next week and we’ll do a little sniffing…”

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