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Nose-to Nose – “Dirty Little Secrets” Wednesday July 20, 2011

Photo - Wikipedia - Marlon Brando by van Vechten, 1964

Gwen:   I think we should tell people about our dirty little secrets.

Kay:       Are you crazy? I’m not telling ANYONE about my dark side! Besides, I only have two secrets that....

Gwen:     I’m not talking about those kinds of secrets. I’m talking about our dark little perfume secrets!

Kay:       You mean those perfumes we secretly love, but can’t publicly admit because they’re too cheap, trashy, and slutty?

Gwen:   Yeah – those ones. The ones we wear only in the privacy of our own homes.

Kay:       You mean the ones that are like the sexy party dress you bought when you were 15 and changed into at your girlfriend’s because your parents wouldn’t let you leave the house in it?

Gwen:   Yeah – or the dirty censored novel that you read with a flashlight and hid in your closet. Remember Peyton Place ?

Kay:       Or the “bad boy” boyfriend with the motorcycle that you had for a couple of weeks and couldn’t take home to introduce to your parents? 

Gwen:   Yeah – those ones.

Kay:      OK – I only have two of those, too.

Gwen:   Let’s hear ‘em!

Kay:       Baby Phat Fabulosity – it’s truly fruity, floral and sort of sleazy, and it sticks to my skin for hours, and I love it in the summer heat. Makes me feel under-dressed. And the other one is the first Mariah Carey scent – is there even a second? I dunno – it’s a kinda  light musky floral, that doesn’t require any thinking and won't offend anybody. And it wears off quickly. But I love it too. What about you? – come clean, sistah!

Gwen:   Oh, that would be Dirty English by Juicy Couture. Citrus. Leather. Cedar. Delish. I don’t think it’s a great scent, but thinking has nothing to do with it, I just love it – on men, on women, on skin, cloth, rugs…

Kay:      Whoa!

Gwen:   Say, do you think readers will lose respect for us 'cuz our dirty little scent secrets aren’t well-crafted, well-critiqued perfume masterpieces like all our others?

Kay:       Nah. They already know we're scent whores - we're perfumistas for god's sake - our dirty little perfume secrets just prove we’re human. Besides, I bet most of them have dirty little scent secrets too.

Gwen:     I'd love to hear about some of them.

Kay:       Me too! Let's ask them to comment!

Post your comment about your dirty little perfume secret. Come on, now - SHARE!



Okay, I'll confess: Lady Stetson. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Hideous box. Dopey name. Lovely juice. Perhaps not quite as sleazy as the others you've mentioned--it is after all, "Lady" Stetson!--but it's a cheap thrill with an embarrassing name that I like to wear but would rarely admit to...outside of the confessional, that is!