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Nose-to-Nose – The Holidays 2012 Special Pack…for special people - December 5, 2012

Photo - Wikimedia Commons - Santa Claus portrayed by Jonathan Meath

Kay: How're your holiday plans coming along?

 Gwen: I dunno – seems like I’m never going to get to the end of these lists! It’s exhausting…

Kay: That’s exactly the right word – exhausting! So much work for just a few days celebration.

Gwen: You’re right, BFF, but you know, the thing about the holidays is that for a short time it truly does make everyone think about other people.

Kay: You’re going somewhere with this, I can feel it….

Gwen: Well, you know, people are thinking about what to buy for someone….like a sister, or an office friend, or a best friend….

Kay: Keep going…

Gwen: And they’re thinking about the surprise on their face when they open the package, how they’ll feel wearing that new scarf, or drinking that bottle of wine, or listening to that new CD. To me, this really is the spirit of giving. The spirit of the holiday season. It’s what all the planning is for…to make others feel good.

Kay: Well, let’s get into the holiday spirit by making ourselves feel good first…..let’s talk about perfumes.

Gwen: You mean which ones we’ll be giving and getting?

Kay: And wanting and wearing!

Gwen: OK, so what I really want is a decant of Une Voix Noire.

Kay: The new Serge Lutens scent about Billie Holliday? – the smoky gardenia one? The one I wrote about a few weeks ago? I’m going to get Santa to sneak a little decant of Une Voix Noire in your stocking! There’s one of yours I’m dying to wear and have wanted ever since I read your post ….that dark spicy scent by Tauer Perfumes.

Gwen: Eau d’Épices? It’s yours, BFF. It is as good as I described – you’ll love it! I want to GIVE a fabulous frag to someone I’m related to but can’t name because he’s probably reading this post…Pohadka from YS.UZAC, the one with the rich tobacco notes, and vetiver, and myrhh...

Kay: Ooh, Pohadka is so unusual. And I’m giving decants of Odin 09 Posala, that floral boozy caramelized smoky wondrous piece of perfume art that you got for me in New York. My unnamed relative has been sneaking spritzes from my bottle…she knows who she is!

Gwen: Perfume makes everyone happy – at least everyone that I know. These are four great frags, that really will make the holidays special.

Kay: I KNEW you were going somewhere with this! We’ve ended up with the “Holidays 2012 Special Pack”! Four fabulous frags for $15 + shipping, regular $19.

Gwen: Let’s get these packed so that they’re ready to ship for Christmas – got to ship by Saturday December 15 so special people can get them for Christmas!


The “Holidays 2012 Special Pack” - Four fabulous frags for $15 + shipping.

Eau d’Épices – Tauer perfumes – “An Indian basket of spices with cinnamon, cardamom, clove and corriander with red mandarines.” It’s that, but so much more. Great on men and women for the Holidays, or anytime!

09 Posala – Odin – a floral with a difference, a burst of sharp white jasmine, and then the scent begins to warm and expand. Bourbon, with its distinct alcoholic caramel undertone, makes the floral heart rich and boozy, becoming a smooth liqueur. Mmmmm.

Pohadka - Pohadka is a beautifully balanced tobacco scent that is unique, but not weird or bizarre. Any heaviness is lifted by the floral and green notes giving Pohadka a sheerness, like a veiled quality. Great on a guy, and women love it, too.

Une Voix Noire - There’s a dignity in this smoky white floral, and a quiet melancholy which is revealed as Une Voix Noire softens, darkens, and deepens with a rich woody edge. You can hear the wistful, sad and strangely beautiful voice of "Lady Day", the wonderful Billie Holiday.