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Nose-to-Nose – How to buy 5-star fragrances and not go broke – November 20, 2013


Photo - Wikipedia - Lady riding a champagne cork

Kay:    I’ve been doing a lot of keyboard travel around the online perfume stores lately, trying to find a bottle of….

Gwen: Don’t tell me – it’s discontinued and there are only 2 bottles left in the world….both on e-Bay for a gazillion dollars!!

Kay:    How’d you guess? Well, it’s a hard cold fact but I’m going to have to face it  - I can’t afford to pay a gazillion dollars for a single bottle of perfume, no matter how special it is!

Gwen: I have been down that garden path sister! You can spend hours hunting down obscure frags, and become poor in the process!

Kay: Yeah, it can be a real time waste of time. But you know what I discovered? There are truly a lot of exceptional frags out there, for not a lot of money.

Gwen: Like Bulgari Black, one of my dessert island frags! Nothing can beat that smoky rubber at the top, the leather and smooth vanilla drydown….in the hockey puck bottle.

Kay:  And it’s by Annick Menardo, and it’s a 5 star frag, and it’s totally unisex. Well, you can buy that little 50 ml. treasure online for about $35.00.

Gwen: And then there’s Lolita Lempicka, another 5 star.

Kay: That one is a true gem. That little lilac-and-gold coloured apple-shaped bottle, that cat-nip juice…with the subtle licorice overtones. Ohhh, sexy!

Gwen: I’ve seen it around for about $35.00, too.

Kay: The bottle itself is worth the price. I found some super men’s frags for under $30! Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel, the scent for guys with the amazing green violet top-notes that Luca Turin describes as being so influential - another 5 star frag - the one with the cool mossy woody and classy dry-down. It comes in its own grey flannel drawstring bag.

Gwen: Such a great gift  - that price is amazing! And by the way, it's not just for women!

Kay: And I found Casmir by Chopard, a truly original, opulent, 4-star Oriental fragrance by Michel Almairac, who did the amazing Gucci Rush and the recent elegant leather scent for Bottega Veneta. On the right woman it’s sexy, sweet, dark, animalic and downright lush. It was about $50. Yessiree, there are some great deals out there on top star frags.

Gwen: But it’s only a deal if you want them, love them and will wear them. That’s where trying before you buy comes in.

Kay: Absolutely. You’ve got to try before you buy cause you don’t want to waste money.

Gwen: ‘Cause then you’ll cry…..

Kay: Oh, jeez….


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