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Nose to Nose – Reindeer Games – December 19, 2012

Photo - Wikipedia - Santa in his Sleigh 

Kay: Who wants more rum and egg nog?
Gwen: Top me up, please, Kay.
Esther: I’ll have a little more, thanks. You know, it’s so nice to be here in the niche with you two for a little Christmas cheer. That fire really throws a beautiful glow…..
Kay:  ….for a virtual fire, it’s pretty good.
Gwen: We rarely get together like this…we should do this more often.
Esther: You’re so right, Gwen. Hey, why don’t we play a game?
Kay: Well, it IS the season for reindeer games.
Gwen: I know, let’s play “What Would Rudolph Smell?”
Kay: Never heard of that game…
Esther: How does it go? What’s the concept?
Gwen: It’s easy!  Just  think about some of the things that Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer would smell on his travels with Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, and then match them up with a perfume.
Kay: We can do that - no problem.
Esther: I’m up for it –sounds like fun!
Kay: OK, Gwen, you start.
Gwen: Here goes…Rudolph would start his trip by smelling hay. He spends most of his time in a barn, so before the reindeers and Santa set out on their deliveries, he would smell hay. And the frag that goes with that is L’Heure Fougueuse IV from Cartier. It smells of horse and hay and adventure. Your turn, Kay…
Kay: Rudolph would smell leather, from his reins – he IS a rein-deer after all LOL. And he's outside in the cold air, so I think his reins would smell like Cuir de Lancôme – light airy woody, with warm smooth leather underneath. Hey, Esther, why don’t you try?
Esther: I know it's politically incorrect, but I'm pretty sure he'd catch a whiff of Santa's pipe tobacco--and once they're home at the North Pole and the driving is done for the night, maybe even a hint of Scotch as the old fella puts up his feet and enjoys a sip. And the scent that goes with that is 2nd Alan Cumming from CB I Hate Perfume: it's full of tobacco and scotch.
Gwen: OK, my turn again. Rudolph would smell Christmas trees, and the frag that goes with that is Nuit Etoilée - all piney, dark and foresty (is that even a word?) from Siberian pine, while fir resin gives it a rich incense-y depth.
Kay: And when he's relaxing with Santa back at the North Pole, he’d probably smell the delicious smells wafting from Mrs. Claus’s kitchen  – Christmas spice cookies and festive breads baking, dark fruit cake soaked with brandy, mulled wine simmering, rum and egg nog …and the frags that go with that are Caravelle Épicée and ArabieJeux de Peau with its hints of toast and maple syrup, Bois et Fruits and Bois Vanille…. deep rich frags with gourmand hints. By the way, anybody ready for more egg nog? 
Esther: Me, please! Oh, I've got another one: as they swoop low over churches around the world, I think Rudolph would pick up the scent of incense in the air. And that would be the Incense series from Comme des Garcons: Avignon as they fly over France, Ouarzazate as they pass Morocco , Zagorsk as they visit Russia , Jaisalmer as they fly over India , and Kyoto as they swing past Japan .
Kay: Wow! I hope Rudolph likes incense because he’s gonna get five big snootfuls…. 
Gwen: Here’s another – you’ll love this one - Rudolph would smell….
And they laughed, and played Reindeer Games long into the night in the niche….’cuz it’s rude to refuse more rum and egg nog…….
Happy Holidays, everyone!
May they be full of fun, laughter, love, and good things to smell!

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