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Nose- to-Nose – Roam all over Italy this summer - June 19, 2013.

Photo: "Lunch in Venice" by

Gwen: “I can’t believe how many people I know who are going to Italy this summer!

Kay: Me too! Did we miss the memo that said 2013 is “Visit Italy” year?

Gwen: Non lo so. I love Italy – the food, the history…the perfumes.

Kay: THE PERFUMES – you’re so right! You know that the art of perfumery in western Europe was born in Italy, with the monks' recipes of Santa Maria delle Vigne or Santa Maria Novella of Florence, Italy.

Gwen: Don’t get me started! The Officina Profumo - Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is the MOST beautiful perfume shop anywhere – and probably one of the oldest!

Kay: And what about some of their perfume houses that are a little more au courant, a little more contemporary?

Gwen: Oh, the Italians have so many great ones…Il Profumo, Lorenzo Villoresi, La Via del Profumo, Acqua di Parma, Laura Biagiotti, Profvmvm, Sigili, Carthusia, Bois1920,Odori,Laboratorio Olfattivo, Nasomatto, i Profumi di Firenze,10 Corso Como …

Kay: And don’t forget the newest one: Peccato Originale. It means "Original Sin". I’ve got to get a sniff of some of their frags. Then there’s all the designers: Etro, Fendi, Ferragamo, Missoni, Versace, Bottega Veneta, Capucci, Mariella Burani…

Gwen: And the jewellers, like Bulgari..

Kay: And how about the noses? Italy has produced some great perfumers… Laura Tonatto, Dominique Dubrano, Maria Candida Gentile…

Gwen: Ah, Italy. You know, the first place I would go would be Venice. It’s absolutely my all-time favourite Italian city to visit. The smell of the water, the air – the scents of a morning boat ride to the Lido are captured so well in the perfume, Venice, by Made in Italy. And the heart of the historic city is in Venezia by Laura Biagiotti.

Kay: I’m always up for a visit to Venice, then after Venice I’d go to Florence.  Lorenzo Villoresi will take me there with Uomo, which is a most wonderfully complex citrus scent.

Gwen: My Florence always includes Santa Maria Novella’s Aqua de Colonia. But Florence is also known for its leather, and few frags bring that to mind better than Cuoio by Odori.

Kay: OK, after Florence we’d be off to the breathtaking Amalfi coast with Jardin du Poete by Eau D’Italie, then down to the hot south with Sicily by Made in Italy, then back to Rome to eat, drink, and celebrate life– you know…”when in Rome, do as the Romans…” makes me think of the luscious La Vaniglia from BOIS 1920. Gwen, we don’t have to go to Italy…

Gwen: Nope, you’re right, BFF. We can save ourselves a whole lot of cash, avoid a whole lot of stress, by staying right here in the Niche and smelling Italy, perfume by perfume.

Kay: I like your strategy. And saving a whole lot of cash means we can buy more fabulous Italian perfumes! I was just reading about….”

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