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Nose-to-Nose – Roses from Prince Charming


Photo - Wikimedia Commons - Small red rose

Kay:     It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

Gwen: Already? We just had Christmas!

Kay:     Tempus fugit, as they say. What does your Valentine usually give you?

Gwen: Well, a card and dinner out, and if Prince Charming remembers to plan ahead, he presents me with a dozen perfect long-stemmed red roses, which is my favourite part of the day.

Kay:     Ahhhh, yes, roses….Did you read the Feb. 11 post “A Dozen Roses: Best Rose Fragrances and Valentine’s Day Tips”? It’s all about her favourite rose perfumes, rose skin-care and body products – even rose petal jam! And it’s linked to several other blogs, because the “A Dozen Roses” theme was a same-day group effort with several other perfume bloggers.

Gwen: Hey, that’s smart! I bet they mention some of the rose perfumes that we’ve written about.

Kay:     Yup. They do. In fact, after reading all the different blogs, I couldn’t wait to go through our post archives, to see how many rose perfumes we love, and have listed in our Decant Store. Because you, BFF, are the perfumista par excellence of rose-scented things, the Big Poobah, the Grande Dame, the Queen Mother, of rose perfumes!

Gwen: It’s true – I do love a good rose frag.

Kay:     Do you know how many frags we have listed that have the word “Rose” in their name?   Do you have any idea? There are eleven!

Gwen: No kidding – and I’ve even held back!  Let’s see if I can name them all. There’s Rose de Nuit, Une Rose ChypréeRose d’Homme, Glam Rose, Rose d’Amour, Diabolo Rose, Incense Rosé, Rosa Flamenca, Voleur de Roses, Rose Absolue, and Iroaz (rose in Breton). Each one of them is gorgeous, don’t you agree?

Kay: I definitely agree – gorgeous and different in it’s own way. And then there’s the scents we’ve listed that are built around the rose note, but don’t have rose in their names…

Gwen: How many do we have of those?

Kay: Twenty-two…bet you can’t remember all of those.

Gwen: Black Aoud, Parfum Sacré, Portrait of a Lady, Tocade, Safran Troublant, Agent Provocateur, Absolue pour le Soir , Mauboussin, Dupont Circle, Miss Me, Kingdom, Traversée du Bosphore, Diva, Theo Fennel Scent, Boudoir....

Kay: YOU are amazing! How can you remember them all? I can barely remember what I wrote about last week!

Gwen: As I said, I DO love a good rose fragrance, and when I find one, it gets burnt into my scent memory forever, just like poetry…. “My love I like a red red rose”….”A rose is a rose is rose”….hey, where’re you going?

Kay: If Prince Charming wants to keep his name, I think I'd better track him down, and remind him that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.


The rose note in fragrances can be perceived as fresh, earthy, green, sweet, salty, herbal, demure, powdery, sexy, austere, exotic, meditative, seductive, vintage, modern, classic…it all depends on the creative vision and artistry of the perfumer. Click on the links, read about rose perfumes, then order a few decants, and experience the multi-faceted beauty of one of the most famous notes used in perfumery.