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Nose-to-Nose – September 21, 2011 – Welcome, Esther!

Photo - Wikipedia - Edwin Austin Abbey - Potpourri, 1899

Gwen: Kay, we're missing so much perfume news online because we’re crazy-busy writing about perfumes.
Kay:    Tell me about it!  New scents, products, give-aways, promotions are announced every day, it seems. It’s tough to keep up.
Gwen: Maybe three heads are better than two.
Kay:    Whadda ya mean? Sounds like you’ve got a plan!
Gwen: Well, you know our friend Esther, the one who’s so web savvy.
Kay:     Yeah, I love her –she’s become a real perfumista- obsessed like we are. How’s she doing?
Gwen:  She's been busy! She just sent me links to some great perfume news, and on-line finds.
Kay:     Wow! Look at this stuff - a veritable pot-pourri of sniffables. Aha! I see where you’re going with this, BFF.... let’s invite Esther into our perfumeniche, and share this great info.
Gwen:   You catch on quick - I’ll call her right now.
Kay:      Did you call Esther? Well, what did she say?
Gwen:  She says she’d love to join the team. And, she’d like to post every other Wednesday, starting today. And here she is...........
Kay:     Esther! Welcome to perfumeniche!
Esther: Thanks you two - I’m happy to be here. You know how much I love nosing around, and how much I love scents. I‘ve got such good stuff to tell everyone about today!

Kay and Gwen: Here we go......Esther, take it away!

Esther's Post

Hello there!

I'm delighted to join Gwen and Kay on I love trolling the perfume blogs, so I'm looking forward to sharing what I find interesting--and fun and sometimes just plain wacky--with you here. Read on and enjoy!

New in niche:

I first sniffed some of the Histoires de Parfums line at The Perfume Shoppe , in Vancouver, and fell in love with these delightful niche perfumes. So I can't wait to sniff the newest scents on offer from the line, as described here on the blog Now Smell This. And I'm especially excited about Pétroleum--now all I have to do is come up with an excuse to get back to Vancouver!

Vintage appeal:

Shalimar is a well-loved classic, and the terrifically well-informed Helg at Perfume Shrine has a great piece about the perfume's history, including a comparison of vintage and new formulations. Love me some fragrant history!

Nosing around:

I'd never heard of perfumer Daniela Roche Andrier, the nose behind new release Prada Candy (see below in "Makes me want it"), so I did a quick search and found this little bio sketch on The Scented Salamander.

Makes me want it:

Honestly, put the word "Candy" in a perfume title and you're all but guaranteeing that I won't want to try it. It's not that I don't like sweet scents--Vamp a NY  makes me swoon -but lots of candy scents set my teeth on edge. So, I'm as surprised as anyone that I'm tempted by Prada Candy, thanks largely to a great review from Victoria Frolova at the Bois de Jasmin Perfume Blog.

Deals, deals, deals:

I love roses, and woody roses most of all. So when I saw this, I couldn't have been happier: Cabaret Body Wash for just $6US at  Luca Turin gives the perfume--by nose Michel Almairac--4 stars, and it's also on sale at Parfum1 for $19.50US for 3.3 ounces of edp. (And hey, if you don't want to go mail order--and are in Canada--check the shelves of your local Winners. I've spotted the body wash there recently for $5.99.)

Just because:

Wondering what niche fragrances you should be watching for this fall? Check out this post from Denyse Beaulieu at Grain de Musc. And while you're there, dip into her other posts: always terrifically well-informed and insightful.

That's all for now - back in a couple of weeks!