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Nose-to-Nose – Theoretical perfume-wearing

Kay:    It’s arrived. It’s here.
Gwen: What’s here?
Kay:    Allergy season.
Gwen: Uh-oh. Mine’s been here for a month now.  You have my sympathy, BFF.
Kay: I appreciate your sympathy, but I’m not the one with the allergies – it’s my husband.
Gwen: Oh – in that case, I’ll double my original sympathy offering.  My heart goes out to you…
Kay:    The big guy has not been fun lately. I reminded him that, as the great political philosopher, Jonathan Hobbes said, the life of man in nature can be “…nasty, brutish, and short”, but there’s no reason he should be, just because he’s racked with gale-force sneezes, his nose is a raging river, his eyes resemble two monumental mosquito bites, and his brain has been lobotomized by histimines.
Gwen: Poor guy!
Kay:    Yeah – you can guess where he told me Jonathan Hobbes could put his philosophy!
Gwen: I'm thinking it's not a sunny place! I guess you’re not spritzing any frags then, are you?
Kay:    Right – have to wait until this storm passes, which it will in a few days. As soon as the spirea bushes stop blooming. But while I wait it out I’ve been thinking about which of our frags are low-key, under the radar, quiet kinds of scents, that I could possibly wear without inciting the allergens…..theoretically speaking.
Gwen: In theory, you could probably wear L’Eau d’Hiver from Frédéric Malle. It’s by Jean-Claude Ellena, the master of light scents. It’s soft white florals – iris, angelica, heliotrope, which has a hint of almond – very cool, refined,  and gentle. Or  you could try En Passant, also from Malle, but by the great Olivia Giacobetti – it’s her interpretation of  lilac’s fleeting essence on a spring breeze, a moment frozen in time. So soft and wispy.
Kay:    Hey, Gwen, those are great choices! I was thinking about  Lime Basil & Mandarin from Jo Malone. The citrus, vetiver and basil accord is so light and airy, fresh and clean and natural – and comforting, really. It would work! And also, I thought of Musc Nomade by Isabelle Doyen at Annick Goutal. It’s so effortless – the barest silky sweetness in a sensual skin scent. Some people can’t even smell the musc note, it’s so soft and natural.
Gwen: Any of these four are truly very quiet soft frags, with low sillage. You could wear them while your big guy is in his allergic state…
Kay: Theoretically…
Gwen: Yes, of course, theoretically…
Kay: But, I wouldn’t...
Gwen: Of course you wouldn’t…