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Nose-to-Nose - 10 Fave Frags for August 2013 - July 23, 2013


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Gwen: Well, we're in the thick of it now.

Kay: I'll call our lawyer.

Gwen: No, no, no....not trouble….summer!

Kay: Whew…you had me going there for a couple of seconds! Summer, eh?...yeh, the heat and humidity have been horrendous.

Gwen: But it seems to have levelled out in the past few days and now every day is sunny and perfect. Just the way summer should be. So I'm thinking that it's time to pull out the perfect summer frags –  beach frags like Terracotta Voile d'Eté, Ensoleille Moi, and Fire Island.

Kay: And Ipanema Posto Nove. You know that I LOVE hot weather, and the beach is always the best place to start… working on a tan, swimming, lounging under a big umbrella. But summer for me isn't just about the beach, it's also about travel and vacations in exotic places.

Gwen: Like France and Italy…

Kay: I said exotic, not erotic…

Gwen: Right!  How about Tahiti or Hawaii?...those incredible white flowers like gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, orange blossom just grow wild there.

Kay:  Now you’re talking! I can smell Monoi, Eau de Vahines and Bronze Goddess! Close your eyes, BFF, and picture those sensual fragrant gardenia blossoms!

Gwen: Gee, when I close my eyes I see lush, indolic jasmine flowers and I smell Sarrasins. The bergamot/jasmine opening is like putting your face in a big bouquet of jasmine flowers – gorgeous! You’ve visited Spain, Kay - do you remember the scent of the orange blossoms in Spain?

Kay: Sure do, I remember. I smell Fleurs d’Oranger – notes of orange blossom and jasmine and tuberose share that Serge Lutens bottle, and just take my breath away, they’re so beautiful!

Gwen: That  tuberose! That fabulous night-blooming fragrant waxy white flower that just brings me to my knees every time I sniff frags like Vamp à NY, with its boozy exotic notes.

Kay: Or Nuit de Tubéreuse, a wickedly green steamy tuberose, made for swooning on hot summer nights.

Gwen: Sounds like we’re both going to be spending a lot of time on a beach, or in the tropics.

Kay: Well, then, where do you want go first? How about on a beach IN the tropics!

Gwen: OK, great idea. I’ll get my bottles of beach frags.

Kay: I'll bring the bottles of tropical white flowers.

Gwen:  And we won't even need suntan lotion.