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Nose to Nose - Discontinued frags and other musings on the topic – July 4, 2012

Photo - Wikipedia - The Vale of Rest by Millais, 1859 - Tate Gallery, London

Kay: Hey, Gwen, I see in your post this Monday July 2 that Tea for Two has been discontinued. Really?

Gwen: Really. Stéphanie Bakouche at L’Artisan Parfumeurs told me so when I met with her a couple of months ago in Paris.

Kay: Well, I guess she should know, but it's bad news. I've always had a thing for Tea for Two - it' s such a special "one-of-a-kind" kind-a scent. When I hear that a frag is discontinued I get REALLY upset. To me, it's the same as a museum or art gallery taking a much-revered piece of art, like a Picasso painting, and saying " we have so many NEW paintings now, by up-and-coming artists and in more trendy colours, so we're taking this old masterpiece away and putting it in storage".

Gwen: I'm with you on that. It seems that perfume brands are always moving stuff around, renaming, repackaging....

Kay: Remember when Byredo re-named Fantastic Man as Sunday Rose? Or how Après L'Ondée had an EdP, and now it's only available in EdT?

Gwen: And what’s with the limited editions? Fall in love with them one day, and the next you can't get 'em anymore.

Kay: The thing that truly bugs me are the rumours about frags being discontinued. Remember when the blogs were a-buzz about Dzing! disappearing, Douce Amère dying and Dzongkha going the way of the Dodo bird? I almost had a heart attack.

Gwen: I know what you mean BFF. It's hard to know what to believe, especially as these frags are still around, very much alive. You have to go to a reliable source.

Kay: Well, Elena at Perfumeshrine is reliable. She really set the record straight on some current "discontinued" rumours in her recent blog on June 30th.

Gwen: I guess we can kvetch all we want...there seems to be nothing we can do about discontinued frags.

Kay: We’re lucky that we can still enjoy some of them because we own many of them.  And we should let our readers know that we have ‘em, so they can enjoy them, too.

Gwen: Good idea. You talking about a decant pack?

Kay: No - not everyone would want that mix of frags. I mean - let's just list them here as a reminder, so that readers can click on the links and read about them for themselves.

Gwen: And then order the ones they want. You know, you come up with the best ideas, BFF.

Our list of discontinued, not limited edition, frags (well, the ones we know are discontinued FOR CERTAIN), which are available as perfumeniche decants. Click on the links to go to the description page to get more details and/or to order:

Tea for Two - L'Artisan Parfumeurs

Eau du Fier - Annick Goutal

Ananas Fizz - L'Artisan Parfumeurs

Vanilia - L'Artisan Parfumeurs

Winter Delice - Guerlain

Rheims 1538 - D.S. & Durga

Eau Noire - Dior