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Nose-to-Nose - Forests, John Hamm, and other musings – March 5, 2014

Photo - Wikimedia Commons - Fess Parker as Davy Crockett, wearing buckskins, coonskin cap on table.....Disney Productions


Kay:      I think I need to take a perfume break.

Gwen:   Whadda ya mean, a "perfume break"?

Kay:      I think I need to stop sniffing for a while - clear my sinuses, re-calibrate the equipment, calm my brain-cells.

Gwen:    Really? How? Stick a clothes pin on the end of your nose? You can't take a perfume break! There are so many exciting new frags to try, to buy, and to write about. You can't take a perfume break!!

Kay:       You said that already.

Gwen:     I know, but the second time had two exclamation marks!

Kay:       Well, sometimes, when you get too close to something, you just have to take a deep breath, take a step back from the edge, so you can see the size of the forest…I feel like I've been wandering in the forest for months. BTW, speaking of forests, your idea of John Hamm as Davy Crockett, wearing buckskin?...Sweet!...but you forgot to mention the coonskin cap...

Gwen:      Kay, my last post wasn't about guns and noses…maybe you about if….I know what this “I-need-a-perfume-break” is all about! You don't need a break - you just need a change!

Kay:         A change?

Gwen:      Yes! Get away from forests completely, take a trip to a beach, run through some fields, explore gardens and jungles. Stick your nose somewhere new…

Kay:         If you’re even thinking the words Jon Hamm…

Gwen:      You know me so well. No, I’m saying that you should go to your sample box, pick up something that appeals to you, put it down right away, and then choose something you would never-ever choose, something you’ve never smelled before.

Kay:         Ooooh, I like that. I mean, we send manufacturers’ samples out with each order, just to give people a sniff of something they may not have considered.          

Gwen:      Exactly, and you know how many people write us saying how much they love those bonus samples in their orders, and want to know more about them?

Kay:         Lots!   Hey, you know what would make it more interesting?

Gwen:      Jon Hamm in buckskin?

Kay:         No, Jon Hamm in just a coonskin cap would be better…but I digress….say, why don't you choose some frags for me that you absolutely know I wouldn't choose for myself?

Gwen:      Oh, this could be fun…

Kay:         OK, what have you got?

Gwen:      You know what I have been swooning over lately? - L'Wren Scott's perfume that she did for Barney’s in New York. Oh, and I have to gush about wearing Isparta,  and then there's that Parfum d'Empire frag, whazzit’s name – Wazamba? And just wait until you sniff Glorious from Boadicea the Victorious!

Kay:         You know, my nose is starting to perk up, my curiosity is tweaked and I don't think I need a perfume break as much as I need a third wrist to test these frags on. Hey, what are you doing? Printing off Handmaps for us?

Gwen:       Uh, yeah, give me a minute – I’m googling  Jon Hamm and coonskin…

Kay:          I’m definitely going back into that forest...

Gwen:      Wait for me!

Read about the highlighted scents in our upcoming posts...and BTW - sincere apologies to Jon Hamm....Davy Crockett RIP.