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Nose-to-Nose - "Happy Birthday" Draw (Wednesday, May 4, 2011)

Photo - Wikipedia   Birthday Candles

Kay:     Did you see the email we got wishing us Happy Birthday?

Gwen:   Yes I did. I mean, I completely forgot that is a year old!

Kay:     Me too! You know, Gwen – I think it’s been a great year.

Gwen:   The best! We've learned a lot, smelled new smells, and made some great friends!

Kay:     You know, we should celebrate. Do something special.

Gwen:   You mean, have a glass of wine, listen to Edith Piaf, and sniff perfumes?

Kay:     I don't call that celebrating. I call that Wednesday.

Gwen:   I see your point. Not special enough. Why don't we have a draw for our decants, people love those – share the sniffing fun with people who read the blog.

Kay:     Keep going....

Gwen:   Well, everyone who leaves a “Happy Birthday” wish in the comments section of this post, will be entered in a draw to win four decants – of their choice - from our decant fragrance selection.

Kay:     Any four?

Gwen:   Yep.

Kay:     Even Tubéreuse Criminelle? I mean that's $7.00 a ml.

Gwen:   Yep.

Kay:     How about Theo Fennell Scent and Monacle Scent One: Hinoki

Gwen:   Definitely.

Kay:     Even new ones like La Belle Hélène, and Traversée du Bosphore?

Gwen:   Those too.

Kay:     And hard-to-find ones like Tilda Swinton Like This, and Heeley Iris de Nuit?

Gwen:   Stop it!  All of 'em, every single one.

Kay:     And we'll pay the shipping?

Gwen:   You bet.

Kay:     And when will we announce the winner?

Gwen:   Well, the deadline should be 5:00 pm EST time Tuesday May 10. We'll announce the winner on Wednesday, May 11, the next Nose-to-Nose post.

Kay:     OK, let’s do it! Now, back to our Wednesday routine…(a cork pops, the Little Sparrow sings, the new perfume is spritzed……)  


So here's the deal for getting in the draw for 4 decants of your choice – just write us a congratulatory birthday wish as a comment on this post, and leave some contact info so we can let you know if you win….(we’ll keep the contact info private.)



First Birthday Congrats!

Happy Birthday to you two at Perfume Niche, now one of my favourite web sites, your descriptions and info are so helpful. And notices of perfume events I could actually go to because they're in TORONTO!!!! YEEAAAY.
What a treasure.


Happy Birthday!
How very fitting that a site dedicated to the pleasure of perfume would have a birthday in the month of May - the most fragrant time of year. The cherry blossoms are swirling around, making everything smell good.
All the best from Vancouver,

Happy Birthday, perfumeniche!

One year already? Where does the time go?

You don't know how happy I was to discover perfumeniche! No more waiting over 2 weeks for samples to come across the border.

Here's to another successful year!

Re: Happy Birthday, perfumeniche!

Thank you JoanElaine!
Ahh, the long delivery cycle - hard to avoid sometimes, but we're glad you are pleased.
You are in the draw!

Birthday wish

I discovered you by chance and now read every post. I love Perfumeniche! Happy Birthday, and did you get any new perfumes to celebrate?

Re: Birthday wish

We did treat ourselves to a couple of frags - but more about that later.
You are in the draw.

1st Birthday

Happy Birthday,Gwen and Kay!

Love your blog. You two have such great stories, and I'm looking forward to the next year.

Blog on, ladies, and keep those decants coming. They're great!

Re: 1st Birthday

Thank you newmaven!
We are looking forward to next year too!
You are in the draw!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

 Has it been a year already?!!

Re: Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

Hard to believe isn't it?
We've had so much fun getting to know people like you!
You are entered in the draw.

wonderful first year!

well of course Happy Birthday! I am so pleased to have found you!

Re: wonderful first year!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!
We are pleased you found us too!
You have been entered in the draw.

Happy, happy birthday...'s your special day.
Happy, happy birthday
and we're all here to say
happy, happy birthday
may all your dreams come true,
so happy, happy birthday
from all of us to you,

Re: Happy, happy birthday...

Birthday verses are great fun - thank you!
You are in the draw.

Please enter my in the draw

Love your site, please put me in the draw.

Re: Please enter my in the draw

Will do!


Please enter me in the draw!


Thanks for the birthday wishes!
You have been entered in the draw.