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Nose-to-Nose - The Nosey Bunch (Wednesday, July 27, 2011)

Nose? You call that a nose?

I have a NOSE!!!

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Gwen: That last gathering of the Nosey Bunch at Noor on Sunday was one of the best yet!
Kay: Yep – it was a lot of fun. Nahla and Fred at Noor do such a great job of hosting – they’re so good to let us invade their shop. And Daniel Joffe is a star for spending the time setting these meetings up.
Gwen: It’s amazing how many turned up, and it’s such an interesting group. A real community of people passionate about perfume. I learned lots, shared lots and met some really, really nice people.
Kay: Did you talk to Dane of Perre de Pierre?
Gwen: I sure did. And I spent some time with Ann O'Kelly, she writes that great blog called The Spa Travellers Diary and Nancy Salter from Saltridge's.
Kay: I had a great chat with Krista Janicki, who writes Scent of the Day and Erin who writes for Now Smell This too.
Gwen: Any new frags you tried?
Kay: Well, as a matter of fact, Nancy Salter brought 3 samples of  AndyTauer’s new Pentachords – White, Verdant, and Auburn. WOW! I loved them all!
Gwen: I tried Hippie Rose by HEELEY, which Noor now has in stock, and Nancy also had some Neil Morris samples which I had never smelled before. I came away with some great decants and samples.
Kay: Krista Janicki brought some of her vintage faves, which she generously shared with me and Kim Pittaway
Gwen: Which ones?
Kay:    Givenchy lll, Emeraude, both of which I love and wore years ago when they weren’t considered vintage! Say, did you pick up any juicy gossip?
Gwen: Well, I hear that The Bay will be carrying Maison Martin Margiela’s Untitled sometime in the fall.
Kay: Wow! That’s great news. Everyone loves that frag, it seems – decants have been in big demand. Here’s something I heard - I heard that L’Artisan Canada won’t carry any of the Mon Numéro collection since they’re exclusive to the cities they’re assigned to. I’m glad you bought our bottles of Mon Numéro 1 and Mon Numéro 10 when you were in Paris last month - at least people can get decants from us.

Gwen: True. Kay, don’t you agree it was a really great afternoon at Noor?
Kay:    I sure do – too bad we can’t have EVERYONE come – from all over!
Gwen: You know, the niche is really not meant to be Toronto or Canada oriented, but sometimes it just can’t be helped.
Kay: I know where this is going….
Gwen: So if people want to get on our mailing list for upcoming events, if they live in Toronto or may be visiting Toronto, they should just email us at or and we’ll keep them in the loop.
Kay:    And if they have any news they want to share with us, just let us know. I bet we'll see even more people at the next Nosey Bunch gathering.....

The Nosey Bunch

Hi Gwen & Kay,
Sunday was a lot of fun and a wonderful group of perfume enthusiasts. Nice to meet with everyone and trade notes (no pun intended).
Looking forward to more get togethers.
All the best, Anna
And yes, that is a nose!

Thanks for joining!

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to say thanks for coming out and joining us. The plan is to do these meetups every 3-4 months. If you want to get on the mailing list, either message me through any of the major boards ( is probably best) or Gwen & Kay have my details.
Daniel / Master-Classter

PS - thanks for the numero sample Gwen!

PPS - next meetup will probably be around March/April 2012, plus we're doing a bottle swaperoo mid-January