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Nose-to-Nose - Our 4th Birthday - and draw for Jour de Fete 2014 - April 16, 2014


Kay:            Hey, do you know what day Friday is?

Gwen:        Good Friday.

Kay:            Yup - but it’s also our 4th birthday!

Gwen:        Ohhh, you’re right, Kay! Our first post was April 18th 2010.

Kay:            Well, Don’t you think we should celebrate?

Gwen:        I’ll get the bubbly.

Kay:            I’ll get the glasses. You know what would be fun?

Gwen:        If we shared the celebrations with our readers.

Kay:            Two minds, single thought…..I feel a draw coming on!

Gwen:        Well, as a matter of fact, I have some big news to share. The good people at L’Artisan Parfumeur, have generously donated their fabulous re-issued Jour de Fête 2014 by Olivia Giacobetti – that I just wrote about this week - for a draw.

Kay:            Wow! That is generous. Jour de Fête – Celebration Day -  is such a perfect fragrance for…well…celebrations!. Ever since you wrote about it’s delicious scent, I’ve been absolutely coveting a bottle.

Gwen:        Well, those good people understand what we do on, and they know what it’s like to really love a special frag, so they have donated not one, not two, but  THREE 100 ml. bottles of Jour de Fête for our draw.

Kay:            You mean that THREE people can win a 100ml. bottle of Jour de Fête 2014?

Gwen:        Yep. What do you think they should do to enter?

Kay:            Well, we’re four years old – how about if they tell us in an e-mail to about a memory of being four years old.

Gwen:        What if they can’t remember being four? I mean, some days I have a hard time remembering anything that happened 4 minutes ago….

Kay:            Well, they can make something up. We just want to share memories or stories about what it’s like to be four years old.

Gwen:        Yeah, like our blog. Well, they’d better get writing because the deadline for entries is midnight Thursday, May 1, with the winners announced on Friday, May 2nd.

Kay:            Ohhh, I so want a bottle of Jour de Fête 2014. I wish I was a reader instead of a writer on our blog…

Gwen:        So you can enter the contest? You know you can’t…

Kay:            But… I really really really want a bottle…

Gwen:        Now you’re acting like you’re four years old….

Kay:            Right, forgive my momentary lapse there, BFF. Perfume does that to me sometimes…

Gwen:        I know the feeling, pal. Let’s pour this bubbly, and make a toast to our readers, to niche perfumes, to us and to another year in our perfumeniche….

Kay:            Really, we’re all winners….


Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you……


You could win one of three bottles of Jour de Fête 2014. Remember – entering is easy! Just e-mail your memory or story about being 4 years old.

Thanks to L'Artisan Parfumeur for their generous support our fourth birthday!

Note: The winner will be responsible for the payment of any local customs, duties or taxes related to the shipping of this perfume.