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Nose to Nose re: Perfume sexism or sexy perfumes?

G: Did you read the article on the Rise of Unisex Fragrances?
K: Yeah, interesting take on the whole male/female scent thing.
G: I liked Roja Dove's point that defining scent by gender is really a modern construction from the end of the 19th century. I mean, before that, he says men and women wore what they liked. And I think people today want to wear what they want to wear - I know I do. Call me old-fashioned but I agree with the article – un-gendered fragrances are on the rise!
K: I agree. Like the old 1889 classic, Jicky - everybody wore it!  Have you noticed that not many people anymore ask us if a scent is masculine or feminine?
G: Tell me about it - a lot of the frags that I own, wear and write about are categorized as masculine, but when people smell them on me they don't experience gender. They want to know what I'm wearing, they don't say I smell like a guy.
K: It's that whole "smell is memory" thing. People respond to fragrance without thinking - they "feel" a smell, have an emotional reaction to it triggered by remembered experience. .

G: That's the thing I love about niche scents! Perfumers play boldly with ingredients to create a kind of ephemeral art. I don't need some celebrity's name on the bottle to entice me to buy it. I can think for myself and I want to explore for myself. It's all about the experience and why does that experience have to be defined by gender? A rose is a rose is a rose - do men smell roses differently than women?

K:  I don’t know. But if they did, does it matter? As you know, in this country we have laws against discriminating on the basis of gender. In fact, identifying fragrances by "Male " or  "Female" is probably against the law!

G: Wow! I never thought about that!

K: From now on, we're not even gonna mention the "male or female" thing. No sexist labels for perfumes - people can enjoy 'em just because they like 'em.

G: Hear! Hear! and let's get rid of the Unisex category, too.

K: Yeah. Gender be gone!........Just fab sexy frags for real people – who know what they like!

unisex perfumes

Concerning their perfume choices, I believe women have more freedom than men.
It is probably "more acceptable" for a woman to wear a "male perfume" than for a man to smell "like a woman". In that sense, perfumes are pretty similar to fashion. Women are willing to wear men's clothes; it's actually very trendy. However, if a man looks "effeminate" or wears certain colors, people associate it with homosexuality.
I can totally understand that un-gendered fragrances are getting more and more popular!

Besides,I often heard that our scent is a biological weapon of seduction thanks to pheromones. The publicits take advantage of it.
Look at the perfume ads that show men being chased by women! It just makes people believe that perfume has the power to enhance their feminity/virility and increase their sex appeal. In my opinion, the distinction between male and female fragrances is just a "marketing trick"....

Re: Unisex Perfumes

Smell is so closely allied to memory, and therefore subjective. Who's to say that a smell is feminine or masculine - it is what it is, to the person smelling it.
I agree 100% that perfume ads really overdo the sex appeal angle - you state your case exceedingly well!
Keep on sniffing!