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Nose-to-Nose: Sniffing Around With Esther--January 25, 2017

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New in niche
If you’re in New York, a must-stop is the Aedes de Venustas shop—worth an afternoon or more of sniffing and shopping. On a recent trip there, I had the chance to sniff the latest frags in Aedes’ own line. I purchased Oeillet Bengale, and made up my mind that my next buy will be the line’s latest, Grenadille d’Afrique. Both are dazzlers, but that’s no surprise from a line that has many stunners. 
Gwen and Kay have a number on offer: Copal Azur, Palissandre d’Or, Oeillet Bengale, Iris Nazarena, and the original Aedes de Venustas Eau de Parfum.
Deals, deals, deals
Check out this offer from Bruno Fazzolari, whose Lampblack got a rave review from Kay. Now you can get a sample pack of five of Fazzolari’s scents for $25 plus a $15 discount on a full bottle.  And if you’re only interested in Lampblack,  Kay and Gwen have it on offer as well. 
Nosing around
Bruno Fazzolari is an interesting fellow: an artist inspired to create scents by his synaesthesia (in his case, he “sees” scents).  Check out this interview with him on Ca Fleur Bon.  
Vintage appeal
Not exactly vintage—but a line with a nod to the past. I recently had the chance to sniff some of the fragrances of Vilhelm Parfumerie, a New York-based niche house inspired by its namesake, the debonair grandfather of owner Jan Ahlgren. I fell for Dirty Velvet and Morning Chess, both created by perfumer Jerome Epinette. The scents are a bit hard to track down, available through a half dozen or so retailers, but worth checking out if you have a chance. 
Makes me want to try it
Ah, it’s the time of the Top Winter Fragrances lists! Just when I’ve committed to taking a buying break, fragrance bloggers do their best to tempt me into more purchases. Will I resist?? Probably not… Check out lists from Now Smell This  , Bois de Jasmin, Grain de Musc , Perfume Posse  and The Non-Blonde
Just because
Because it’s January. And we all need a little inspiration to dance.