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Nose-to-Nose: Sniffing Around With Esther--November 30, 2016

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New in niche
I’m a sucker for a Francis Kurkdjian scent (his Absolue Pour le Soir is one of my all-time favourite fragrances), so I will definitely be checking out his new offering, Aqua Celestia, with notes of lime, mint, blackcurrant, mimosa and musk. 
Interested in sniffing Absolue Pour le Soir? Gwen and Kay have it on offer. 
Nosing around
I am afraid I am unable to think of any other perfumer since seeing that shot of Pierre Guillaume posted by Gwen earlier this week.  We’ll return to regularly scheduled posting shortly…
Vintage appeal
On the hunt for a vintage scent to tuck inside someone’s stocking? (Or maybe inside your own?) I’ve had success at QuirkyFinds—there’s a huge range on offer, some of more recent “vintage” than others, but worth a few minutes of browsing, at least.  
Makes me want to try it
I love Jane Daly of Daly Beauty’s sensibility—smart, sophisticated but sensible and down to earth.  And so when I saw her list of vanilla scents she loves, I had to sneak a peek. I was expecting to see the usual suspects, but Daly came up with a list that had plenty of new-to-me perfumes on it. Which is good—yay, new perfumes to look for!—and bad (for my wallet).  The one I’m most intrigued by? Au Pay de Fleur Oranger’s Eau de Madeleine. 
And check out these vanilla scents on offer from Gwen and Kay. 
Just because
I could watch this on a loop all day long.