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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther

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New in niche

Parfums Rétro, which uses the tagline “For a man, mostly…and for a woman who knows her way around a man’s scent,” has launched an online store. The line, which describes its scents as “classics rendered contemporary,” features Grand Cuir (a leather), Santal Superbe (a dry masculine sandalwood) and Sous Bois (an earthen forest floor). Creative director for the line is American Jeffrey Dame, and perfumer is American Hugh Spencer.

Vintage appeal

The term “vintage” gets applied liberally in fragrance circles, as enthusiasts attach it to just about any fragrance that predates a disliked reformulation, or to juice that has gone out of production entirely. It’s the latter use of the term that qualifies Lorenzo Villoresi’s launch of his “Vintage Collection” to appear under this heading. The collection is a reissue of six scents that were Villoresi’s original fragrances under his own name, but which have since fallen out of production. The scents—Vetiver, Tropicana, Incensi, Garogano, Ambra and Ylang Ylang—have now been reissued, available through Villoresi’s shop in Florence and First in Fragrance online. Interested in some of his other scents? Gwen and Kay have Uomo, Piper Nigrum and Teint de Neige on offer.

Deals, deals, deals

You’ve got a day or two to take advantage of a 15% off offer on the Providence Perfume site on their hit fragrance Branch & Vine. Discount code is COOLDOWN, and offer expires on July 4th. Gwen and Kay have decants on offer if you’d rather sample than buy blind: check out their review here.

Nosing around

Interested in finding out more about Parfums Rétro? Check out these interviews with creative director Jeffrey Dame on A Perfume Blog, Olfactif, Pyrgos and Fragrantica.

Makes me want to try it

I’m always interested in what Denyse Beaulieu at Grain de Musc is sniffing and loving, so I look forward to her top 10 lists. The latest—Top 10 Scents of Summer—has me itching to get my hands on Parfum d’Empire’s Corsica Furiosa and Frédéric Malle’s Eau de Magnolia. Check out other top summer scent lists too—Bois de Jasmin, Now Smell This, The Non-Blonde and The Perfume Posse have all posted their lists too.

Just because

I hear that hula hoops are a great workout. I could do it all day for months and not be able to do this.