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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther, January 6, 2016

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New in niche
Itching to try something new in the new year? Twisted Lily has an offer you’ll like: 18 0.7ml samples of their Best of 2015 scents, for $55US.  Hiram Green, Heeley and Tauer scents all make the list—check it out!
Vintage appeal
A small sample of a 1925 version of Coty Chypre arrived in the mail on Monday—a terrific way to start the New Year! It is, predictably, gorgeous. It’s also rare and expensive, so I’m preserving what I’ve got though I did feel obliged to dab some on my wrist to see what it smelled like on skin. Yup, gorgeous… And it got me thinking about other chypres I own and love: a vintage Givenchy III and the more recent Esteban Modern Chypre and MDCI Chypre Palatin. Mmm…all so lovely!
Interested in exploring chypres? Gwen and Kay have over 40 on offer: fruity, floral, green and aromatic. Check them out here.
Deals, deals, deals
Want to do some post-holiday shopping? has 15% off with coupon code FX15, and is offering 25% off any order. Oh, and has a bunch of stuff on sale too.  Might be time to restock your shelves!
Makes me want to try it
I love Luca Turin’s reviews. I love Dominique Dubrano’s perfumes. So no surprise that this review makes me want to try his latest: Sensemilla. 
Interested in Dubrano’s other scents? Gwen and Kay have Milano Caffé  and Mecca Balsam on offer.
Nosing around
Interested in learning more about Dominique Dubrano? Check out this New York Times short profile.
Just because
This pug cracked me up.