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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther, June 22, 2016

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New in niche 
I was lucky enough to stumble upon the fragrance line Cousu de Fil Blanc in the Toronto shop Article 27 four years ago. The fragrance I bought, Iboganda, was a gorgeous green/orange scent perfect for summer. Sadly, it appears Article 27 no longer carries the line, but LuckyScent has begun carrying a collection of soaps and candles from the same company—including Iboganda. So tempting!
Vintage appeal
I. Want. To. Go. To. This: Secret of Scent and Vintage Perfumes, hosted by Victoria of the blog Bois de Jasmin and Luca Turin (he of the sharp-witted perfume reviews) in Provence in October… Ach. My budget and schedule won’t accommodate it—but if I win a lottery between now and then, I will definitely be there!!! 
Deals, deals, deals
It’s not often you find an Andy Tauer creation on sale…but LuckyScent has Ingrid, a 1950s-style chypre he created three years ago in a collaboration with a filmmaker and perfume lover, on sale for US$100 for 50 ml (US$60 off the regular price). I bought sample size of Ingrid when it first came out, and it is a beaut. 
Gwen and Kay also have Loretta and Dark Passage -- from the same series--on offer.
Nosing around
Imagine my delight, as I ran errands today, to hear an interview with Canadian perfumer Ayala Moriel on the CBC’s Candy Palmater Show. Lots of interesting stuff about Moriel’s own perfumes, as well as scent memories and famous fragrances. Give it a listen!
Makes me want to try it
My sister passed me a decant of Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess perfume a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m pining for a bottle of my own. Good news is that it’s easy to find—and not all that expensive. Originally developed as Azuree Soleil—a coproduction with Tom Ford before he launched his own fragrance line—the perfume is a delicious summer scent, a suntan oil smell-alike that will have you craving the beach. Read about it on Now Smell This and on Daly Beauty -- and of course on Perfumeniche, where you can also pick up a decant! 
Just because
Wondering what summer songs will be this year’s earworms? Check out this fun mashup of the likely candidates.