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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther - May 9, 2012

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New in niche

The blogs are abuzz about Beloved, the new frag from Amouage. Patty on Perfume Posse has declared it a candidate it for her signature scent. Jessica on Now Smell This described it as “opulent and confident.” So what has them buzzing? The top notes are jasmine, purple rose, lavender, clary sage, clove bud, chamomile, and cardamom; heart notes are ylang-ylang, violet, everlasting [immortelle], cistus, benzoin, olibanum, and patchouli; and base notes are cedarwood, sandalwood, castoreum, civet, leather, musk, vanilla, maltol, and amber. Sounds delish—though at $430 for 100 ml of the EDP, I’m not sure my wallet is fat enough to accommodate a full bottle! Guess I’ll be wandering over to Andrews in Toronto to see if I can get a free sniff (though the danger of creating a new lemming is ever-present!).

Vintage appeal

Okay, this might be unexpected, because an Avon scent isn’t necessarily one you’d expect vintage hounds to be looking for. But for many of us—especially us small town gals—the Avon lady, with her make-up case of goodies, was the bearer of our first ‘fumes. I remember getting a solid perfume in a porcelain-like owl, and a floral frag in a long-necked giraffe. And apparently I’m not the only one with fond memories of Avon perfumes: I happened upon a lovely review of Avon’s Unforgettable—an aldehydic floral-woody chypre—by Angela on Now Smell This. I’ll be keeping an eye out for vintage Avon perfumes as I wander through yard sales and junk shops this summer!

Deals, deals, deals

Interested in a newer Avon fragrance? (in Canada) and (in the US) both have plenty on offer—and lots of sale priced-items right now. 

Nosing around

So, how to connect Avon and Amouage? How about through perfumer Bernard Ellena? Bernard is the brother of Jean-Claude (nose for Hermes) and uncle of Celine (creator of so many of The Different Company’s scents). He’s also the nose behind Amouage’s Beloved—and the creator of Avon’s Eternal Magic Enchanted. Check out this video  in which Bernard explains how he created Enchanted and explore his other scents by checking out this list on Now Smell This.

Makes me want to try it

Okay, I usually point to some other blog in this section, but I’ve got to say, Gwen and Kay have inspired me to “try it” many, many times, and the latest on my “wanna-sniff-it” list is Dupont Circle by Monsillage, as reviewed by Gwen last week. What captured my attention? I think it was the rose accord with an apple/pear facet—though the cinnamon, oakmoss and rooty vetiver tempt me too. Yup, makes me want to try it.

Just because

It was Unforgettable that prompted me to remember one of my all-time favourite poems: Forgetfulness by Billy Collins, recited here by the author and accompanied by a delightful animation. Enjoy!